MediaTek Dimensity 920 and 810 bring 5G to mid-range phones

MediaTek Dimensity 920 and 810 bring 5G to mid-range phones

Network operators and smartphone makers are pushing 5G to everyone for quite a few years now, but those efforts will be vain if few people have devices that will hook up with it. Most high-end phones since last year accompany 5G support, of course, but those don’t represent the bulk of the market. Especially considering the economic repercussions of the continued pandemic, many of us are reaching for mid-range phones lately, and MediaTek’s two new chipsets want to make sure that this tier will be crammed with 5G-capable devices.

These two wouldn’t be the primary mid-range 5G chips to return from MediaTek, of course. As a technique against Qualcomm’s dominance, MediaTek has flooded the market with several 5G processors across all tiers. The chipmaker has its tiers within those tiers, giving OEMs more options than they will choose between.

Built on a 6nm process, the Dimensity 920 puts an important specialize in gaming and multimedia performance. Additionally to MediaTek’s HyperEngine 3.0 technology, the chip also supports adaptive displays to select the right refresh rate needed for the work. The chip utilizes an octa-core configuration of Cortex-A78 and Cortex-A55 to balance performance and efficiency.

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The Dimensity 810 curiously slots a touch less than the prevailing Dimensity 820, with Cortex-A76 and Cortex-A55 cores clocked at lower speeds. Despite that, the chipset still supports fast refresh rates of up to 120Hz and leans heavily on AI-powered imaging features. The processor is additionally built employing a 6nm process.

According to MediaTek, phones bearing the Dimensity 920 and therefore the Dimensity 810 will be coming within the third quarter of the year. The company’s reach has been growing, enough to pose a challenge to Qualcomm as far as some quarterly figures go. Of course, phones with MediaTek chipsets still carry a particular stigma, but market analysts indicate that these are the phones that buyers are trying to find within the past year.

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