Master PDFs With These Adobe Acrobat Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

Master PDFs With These Adobe Acrobat Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

Here we can see, “Master PDFs With These Adobe Acrobat Shortcuts for Windows and Mac”

All of the keyboard shortcuts you’ll need to master Adobe Acrobat.

Do you wish you had more control over your electronic documents?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is still the most popular PDF viewer. The software, on the other hand, does a lot more than just display documents. It also allows you to sign, comment on, and print PDF files.

We’ve compiled the most useful shortcuts into a cheat sheet so you can quickly explore the full capabilities of Adobe Acrobat for PDFs.

If you want to use single-key shortcuts, you’ll need to enable them before using them. Select Use single-key accelerators to access Acrobat Reader’s Preferences tools, then go to General under Categories.

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Adobe Acrobat Reader Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

Shortcut (Win) Shortcut (Mac) Action
Selecting Tools
H H Hand Tool
V V Select Tool
Z Z Marquee Zoom Tool
Shift Shift Temporarily select Dynamic Zoom (when Marquee Zoom tool is selected)
Ctrl Option Temporarily select zoom out (when Marquee Zoom tool is selected)
Ctrl + Spacebar Cmd + Spacebar Temporarily select zoom in (when Marquee Zoom tool is selected)
Shift + Z Shift + Z Cycle Zoom Tools (Marquee, Dynamic, Loupe)
S S Sticky Note Tool
K K Stamp Tool
U U Current Highlighting Tool
Shift + U Shift + U Cycle Highlighting Tools (Highlighter, Underline Text, Cross-Out Text)
D D Current Drawing Markup Tool
Shift + D Shift + D Cycle Drawing Markup Tools (Cloud, Arrow, Line, Rectangle, Oval, Polygon Line, Polygon, Pencil, Eraser)
Q Q Cloud Tool
X X Text Box Tool
J J Present Stamp/Attach Tool
Shift + J Shift + J Cycle Stamp, Attach File, Record Audio Comment
Tab Tab Move to next comment or form field
Shift + Tab Shift + Tab Move to previous comment or form field
Shift + K Shift + K Add a checkmark in the comments list (for selected comment)
Enter Return Open pop-up note for comment with focus
R R Reply to comment with focus
Esc Esc Close or exit pop-up/text field for comment with focus
Navigating and Readability
Page Down or Enter Page Down or Return Next Screen
Page Up or Shift + Enter Page Up or Shift + Return Previous Screen
End or Shift + Ctrl + Down Arrow End or Shift + Cmd + Down Arrow Last Page
Home or Shift + Ctrl + Up Arrow Home or Shift + Cmd + Up Arrow First Page
Right arrow or Ctrl + Page Down Right arrow or Cmd + Page Down Next Page
Left arrow or Ctrl + Page Up Left arrow or Cmd + Page Up Previous Page
Shift + Ctrl + N Shift + Cmd + N Go to Page
Up arrow Up arrow Scroll Up
Down arrow Down arrow Scroll Down
Ctrl + equal sign Cmd + equal sign Zoom In
Ctrl + hyphen Cmd + hyphen Zoom Out
Ctrl + F Cmd + F Find (in document)
F3 or Ctrl + G Cmd + G Move to next search result
Shift + F3 or Ctrl + Shift + G Shift + Cmd + G Go to previous search result
Shift + Ctrl + 5 Shift + Cmd + 5 Change reading settings for document
Shift + Ctrl + Y Shift + Cmd + Y Activate/deactivate read out loud
Shift + Ctrl + V Shift + Cmd + V Read current page only
Shift + Ctrl + B Shift + Cmd + B Read from current page to end of document
Shift + Ctrl + C Shift + Cmd + C Pause reading out loud
Shift + Ctrl + E Shift + Cmd + E Stop reading out loud
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Use Adobe Acrobat Reader for All Your Electronic Document Needs

While the portable document format (PDF) has its own set of benefits, the right software can make all the difference.

You can access tools, explore accessibility options, and navigate faster with these Adobe Acrobat shortcuts. These can help you be more productive, making it easier to interact with electronic documents in the future.


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User Questions:

  1. How do you tell the difference between a PDF and an Adobe Acrobat document?

It’s a cross-platform application, which means the PDF file will look the same on Windows and Mac, and it also lets you search through PDF files. On the other hand, Adobe Acrobat is a more advanced and paid version of the Reader that includes additional features such as the ability to create, print, and manipulate PDF files.

  1. Do you require Adobe Acrobat to view PDF files?

To use the free Acrobat Reader DC, do I need Acrobat Pro or Acrobat Standard? No. Acrobat Reader DC is a standalone application that lets you open, view, sign, print, annotate, search, and share PDF files for free. Acrobat Pro DC and Acrobat Standard DC are subscription-based products.

  1. Is it worthwhile to purchase Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat DC Pro is the best tool for you if you’re a professional looking for the most comprehensive PDF toolkit. It has the best security and sharing features in the industry and multiple ways to create PDF documents and forms. It also allows you to edit and reorganize PDFs. It comes highly recommended by me.

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