Massive Minecraft Map Art Exhibits Iconic Creation Space Photo

Massive Minecraft Map Art Exhibits Iconic Creation Space Photo

On YouTube, a Minecraft player posted an incredible and large map art build of the Hubble Telescope’s “Pillars of Creation.”

Minecraft is known for its amazing creations, but one recent player creation is a piece of art. The renowned “Pillars of Creation” image captured by the Hubble Space Telescope was shared by a player as a survival build. While the creation doesn’t quite reach the stars, it’s clearly out of this planet in terms of ingenuity.

Most people are aware of Minecraft’s reputation as a creative haven. Players can enter the sandbox’s calm, creative mode and create whatever they like, replicating real-world and fictional settings within Minecraft’s blank canvas. One user, for example, showed off a large Minecraft structure that reproduced the Star Wars planet Tattooine. Large-scale buildings are uncommon in Minecraft’s survival mode, where players must battle with monsters who could destroy their creation at any time. For this player’s epic build, that was the case.

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Garden of Eden, a YouTuber, posted a video of their creation, which represents the iconic “Pillars of Creation” image. The image is a vast grid of maps arranged in a 16×16 pattern. Garden of Eden revealed that to get the shading right on the map, he had to install almost 4 million blocks. Garden of Eden spent nearly a month putting those blocks in place to bring this lovely painting to life. The fact that it was built in Survival mode, where a Creeper may blow up a bunch of those bricks and entirely restart Garden of Eden’s development, adds to the impressiveness of the project. Garden of Eden’s dedication is demonstrated because one build took a month to complete, even though some Minecraft projects took even longer. According to Garden of Eden, this is the largest map art created in Minecraft, but this claim cannot be proven.

Garden of Eden’s map art is outstanding in fan creations, not only for the effort and precision that went into making it but also for what it shows. In the Eagle Nebula, the “Pillars of Creation” show so-called elephant trunks of stars and cosmic dust. The image, which depicts a setting roughly 7,000 light-years from Earth, is frequently used to show how little humans are on the cosmic scale. The fact that this construct required over 4 million blocks may not be as large as 7,000 light-years, but it does at least demonstrate some understanding of the original photo’s scale.

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Players can now explore the gigantic creations made by their world thanks to the release of Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs Part 2 upgrade. The huge Dripstone and Lush Cave biomes were added to the game with the Caves & Cliffs Part 2 update, providing veterans more spaces to explore. However, even such gigantic caves pale in comparison to the “Pillars of Creation.”

Minecraft can be played on a PC, Android, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, among other platforms.

Source: Garden of Eden/YouTube