Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’s Bizarre Alien Creatures Shown Off

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy's Bizarre Alien Creatures Shown Off

Newly released Guardians of the Galaxy enemy designs reveal some of the sci-fi superhero titles’ unsettling alien antagonists.

Eidos-Montréal, the game’s developer, has revealed four intriguing alien foes from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Players will step into Star-Lord’s jet-powered boots, the intergalactic outlaw team leader, in the upcoming sci-fi superhero game. While Star-Lord is the only playable character in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the rest of Peter Quill’s team will appear as non-player characters throughout the storey and gameplay.

Eidos-Montréal can make Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy a heavily narrative-driven experience by making Star-Lord the game’s only playable character. Players can interact with the rest of the Guardians team, including Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot, and their reactions to Quill are affected by dialogue choices. Major decisions, such as when and where a battle is fought, will have a noticeable impact on the experience. During combat, the player can seamlessly issue commands to the other four Guardians, utilizing their unique abilities and Star-jet-boots Lord’s and elemental guns to manoeuvre the battlefield and disrupt enemies. Other former Guardians of the Galaxy members, such as Mantis, Nova, and Yondu, are involved in these characters’ backstories and may appear as non-player characters in the game.

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Executive narrative director Mary DeMarle introduces some of the team’s primary allies in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy storey deep dive posted to Twitter. Cosmo the Spacedog, a Marvel Comics character who first appeared in 2008, will serve as the head of security on the space station Knowhere. Cosmo is a telepathic Russian dog who can communicate with Star-Lord and the other Guardians. He seems to be familiar with Peter Quill already. He’ll also help the Guardians on their quest.

Mary DeMarle also introduces another supporting character from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Worldmind, a supercomputer. Xandar’s Nova Corps, a faction of space law enforcement officers well-known in Marvel Comics lore, is led by this supreme being. Worldmind comprises Xandar’s entire civilization’s memories, making it a potentially powerful ally for the Guardians. Unfortunately, before they can ask for help, the heroes must first learn to communicate with the artificial being.

Along with a slew of allies, the space-faring crew will face a slew of villains in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Lady Hellbender, a powerful planetary ruler who collects exotic alien monsters, was the first of the game’s enemies to be revealed. One major quest will have the Guardians brokering a deal with Hellbender to sell her either Rocket or Groot. The Universal Church of Truth leader, Grand Unifier Raker, appears to be an even more nefarious foe with a mysterious agenda.

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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy appears to include characters from throughout the history of Marvel Comics’ cosmic storylines. While fans of the group’s live-action appearances will recognize the five main Guardians, additional members will appear in supporting roles. Cosmo the Dog is a popular character, thanks to his adorable appearance and endearing personality. Meanwhile, Worldmind could prove to be a valuable ally for the Guardians, as well as a potential introduction to fellow superhero Nova.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will release on October 26 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PC and GeForce Now.

Source: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy/Twitter