Marvel’s Avengers Player makes a custom Miles Morales Spider-Man for the game

Marvel's Avengers Player makes a custom Miles Morales Spider-Man for the game

With a custom Spider-Man character loadout, one Marvel’s Avengers player provides Peter Parker Miles Morales’ Venom Blasts and camouflage powers.

Even though Miles Morales isn’t a member of Marvel’s Avengers, one player has recreated the younger Spider-Man’s Venom powers, and camouflage through a custom character build. Last month, the Peter Parker version of Spider-Man made his long-awaited PlayStation-exclusive appearance in Marvel’s Avengers, bringing with him many unique missions, unlocked character skins, and character interactions with fellow Avengers such as Ms. Marvel and Black Widow. Fans have reacted positively to Crystal Dynamics’ interpretation of the legendary web-slinger so far. However, some have pointed out that Spidey’s web-swinging mechanics in Marvel‘s Avengers are less developed than Marvel’s Spider-Man or even Peter’s most recent cameo in Fortnite.

While Peter Parker and Miles Morales both have the basic Spider-Man abilities of enhanced strength and speed, a precognitive Spider-Sense that warns them of impending danger, and the ability to stick to walls, Miles has a few unique abilities that help him stand out from his more experienced counterpart. Miles may use electrical Venom Blasts as Spider-Man to stun his foes and use his trusty camouflage power to make himself invisible to the human eye. Miles Morales, the Spider-Man of the Year 2020, did an excellent job capturing these talents. Miles’ Venom attacks and cloaking abilities in that game introduced additional complexities to Marvel’s Spider-Man’s already great combat and stealth.

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While Miles isn’t in Marvel’s Avengers, one player has worked out a way to give Peter some of the younger web-special slinger’s abilities. Reddit user tchjay92 (via GameRant) described his Miles Morales-inspired Spider-Man character loadout, showcasing how their Spidey can employ Miles’ electricity and camouflage against an army of A.I.M robots. This Spider-Man setup includes Faultless Vibranium Payload Gloves, Targeted Buff Cartridges, Omega Ward, and Wrecking Ball Vendetta Lenses, as well as a loadout of Faultless Vibranium Payload Gloves, Targeted Buff Cartridges, Omega Ward, and Wrecking Ball Vendetta Lenses (since Miles’ standard black-and-red uniform is sadly unavailable in Marvel’s Avengers). The ISO-8 Of Cosmic Affinity and Cosmic Infused ISO-8 Lesser Artifacts provide Peter lightning-infused attacks similar to Miles’ Venom Blasts. The Vishanti Apendix XIII Major Artifact allows him to disappear when things get complicated.

Spider-Man, Miles Morales style (build at 0:48) from PlayAvengers

Miles is scheduled to make a comeback in the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which was unveiled by Insomniac at the September PlayStation Showcase webcast a few months ago. Fans can expect more of the web-swinging and high-flying combat gameplay that made the first two Marvel’s Spider-Man games so famous, as well as the rumoured ability to switch between Peter and Miles on the fly and a darker storyline pitting the two Spider-heroes against new foes such as Venom and Kraven The Hunter.

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As seen by tchjay92’s efforts to duplicate the teenage web-unique slinger’s skills in Marvel’s Avengers, Miles Morales remains a popular character among Marvel gaming fans. Miles could make an actual appearance in Marvel’s Avengers in the future, as Crystal Dynamics has pledged to keep introducing new characters and quests to the team-based superhero game until 2022. Meanwhile, tchjay’s custom Spider-Man loadout might be precisely the thing for anyone wishing to use Miles’ trusty Venom powers to take down A.I.M.

Source: tchjay92/Reddit (via GameRant)