Marvel’s Avengers dev suggests Spider-Man is on the horizon

Marvel’s Avengers dev suggests Spider-Man is on the horizon

You’d be forgiven if you forgot that Spider-Man was originally one of the planned DLC heroes for Marvel’s Avengers. After all, Spider-Man was revealed before the sport came out, and there hasn’t been much mention of the character since then. However, crystal Dynamics has now confirmed that Spider-Man remains on the way and even that he’ll be here before we close the book in 2021.

That might appear to be an ambitious timeline once you consider that the game’s War for Wakanda DLC is launching tomorrow. With it, we’re seeing the sport’s third DLC character – Black Panther – come to the game, behind Kate Bishop and Clint Barton. However, with the post-release roadmap being delayed so Crystal Dynamics could work on patches after the sport went life, the flow of DLC characters has been somewhat slow.

That trickle release hasn’t been slow enough to push Spider-Man back to 2022 – a minimum of not yet. chatting with Screen Rant, Marvel’s Avengers senior game designer Scott Walters said that Spider-Man would indeed make it into the sport before the top of the year. “In terms of what we will say now, we’ve always scheduled and looked to bring Spider-Man call at 2021 for PlayStation owners,” Walters said. “That remains on target, so we’ll have more announcements afterwards this year.”

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Of course, this is often where we revisit the matter of Spidey’s controversial exclusivity agreement. When Spider-Man was confirmed, Crystal Dynamics said that he’d be a PlayStation-exclusive character – an announcement met with tons of controversy. Unfortunately, plans haven’t changed thereon front either, because it seems Spider-Man remains exclusive to PlayStation platforms.

Since there are only around four-and-half months left within the year, it seems safe to assume that Spider-Man will be the next DLC character for Marvel’s Avengers, but that’s currently up within the air. We’ll see what Crystal Dynamics reveals from here, so stay tuned for more.

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