MagSafe fishing rescues iPhone 12 Pro from bottom of canal

MagSafe fishing rescues iPhone 12 Pro from bottom of canal

A German iPhone 12 Guru owner has devised the game of MagSafe fishing, employing a magnetic fishing line to successfully find and recover his phone from a helpless canal bottom…

Program programmer Frederick Riedel spares the blushes of his awkward friend rather than naming him shared with the story and photographs onto Twitter.

Something occurred tonight. A buddy of mine dropped his own iPhone 12 Guru from the hospital in Berlin. It vanished in the sand. He strolled throughout the 3ft heavy water. No way to locate it. However, he discovered that a Nintendo Switch rather.

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We assembled a magnetic fishing pole and captured it!!!!! MagSafe ftw.

Yes, actually. And it works.

Dropping a phone into water leaves healing tough enough, but if it melts into the silt and fades out of view, it may be near impossible to find it — particularly when your movement disturbs the sediment, and which means that you can not view anything.

However, when an item is either magnetic or metal, a magnetic fishing line can occasionally get the job done, as it failed in this situation.

The MagSafe fishing trip isn’t the first time an iPhone was suddenly rescued from a watery end. Back in March, we reported that the story of an iPhone 11 that lived six months in the base of a lake before being rescued by sailors.

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This was an especially fortunate rescue because the phone had not been backed up. Therefore its owner managed to recoup photographs she thought had been lost forever.

It is a fairly major over-delivery on Apple’s guaranteed waterproofing evaluation for the phone, which can be described as great for a maximum thickness of 2 meters (6.5 ft ) for as much as half an hour.

The phone had been discovered by wife and husband divers Clay, along with Heather Hulkenberg, who dedicate time to clearing the crap out of lakes and lakes and ponds, where possible, returning precious things for their owners.

Within Japan, modified vacuum cleaners can be utilized to save AirPods from rail tracks.

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