Magic: The Gathering gets wild: Unfinity, Fortnite, Street Fighter, LoTR, Warhammer

Magic: The Gathering gets wild: Unfinity, Fortnite, Street Fighter, LoTR, Warhammer

The year 2022 are going to be a really, very strange year for Magic: The Gathering. because the longest-lasting collectable cards in history, Magic could continue releasing new sets with gameplay relatively almost like what’s precede, inside the MTG universe, and everyone would (probably) be fine. But that’s not what’s getting to happen. The creators of the sport are jumping far away from the successes of the release of oddball sets like Unglued and edition universe crossovers like My Little Pony – straight up and forward, into the future!

In 2022, Magic: The Gathering will have cards in edition releases and full-fledged sets that range from the very expected to the completely off-the-wall wacky. In addition, brand crossovers expand in 2022 to a property called Magic: The Gathering: Universes Beyond.

In Universes Beyond, we’ll see sets for properties like WARHAMMER 40,0000. As noted by Wizards of the Coast, with Warhammer, there’ll be “new art, new cards, and powerful reprints ready within the world of Warhammer 40,000.” They’ll be available in Commander decks altogether, the places that Commander decks are sold now.

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Two other brand partners were announced for expected release in 2022. One is Fortnite; the opposite is Street Fighter. These properties will likely be relegated to Secret Lair drops – but we shall see. Fortnite was announced to hit MTC with two “special Secret Lair drops consisting of reprints like you’ve never seen them before.”

Street Fighter are going to be released in 2022 within the sort of “mechanically unique cards” that’ll have “in-universe versions in future releases” as a part of “The List” in Set Boosters. One example of a mechanically unique card for Street Fighter is Chun Li, with the mechanic “Multikicker”!

On the goofy side of the universe, there’ll be a replacement set called Infinity. This set is “Magic. It’s in space. Its retro-futuristic fun meets an area carnival you want to see to believe.” This set will be available in both Draft and Collector Booster packs, both available within the second quarter of 2022.

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Fast forward to the year 2023, and away more massive endeavour is within the works. The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth will deliver a “full Magic set release.” This release are going to be sent to tabletop, Magic Online, and MTG Arena in 2023. There’ll even be four Commander decks and special Secret Lair drops.