How to: Fix Macbook Isn’t Connecting to Printer

How to: Fix Macbook Isn’t Connecting to Printer

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Macbook Isn’t Connecting to Printer”

It’s crucial to be able to print documents, but many MacBook owners have complained that their devices aren’t connecting to their printers. This can be a problem, and we’ll explain how to resolve it in today’s article.

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What to do if MacBook isn’t connecting to a printer

1. Remove the printer and install it again

Reinstalling the printer is one technique to solve the Epson printer and MacBook issue. Follow these steps to do that:

    1. Select Printer from System Preferences.
    2. The Epson printer and the other printers can now be removed from the list.
    3. Utilize a USB cable to join your MacBook and Epson printer.
    4. Now add the printer in the System Preferences’ Printer section.
    5. Set up the printer’s Wi-Fi while keeping the printer connected via USB.
    6. Restart your MacBook after disconnecting the printer.
    7. Once you’ve done that, it should connect and resume functioning.

2. Add the printer in both wireless and wired mode

Users claim that the issue was resolved by adding their printer twice—once in wired mode and again in wireless mode. Use the IP address that is printed on your printer when configuring wireless mode for it to function.

3. Use reset the printing option

Resetting the printing system is one technique to resolve this problem. You may complete this fairly quickly by doing the following:

    1. System Preferences can be accessed by opening the Apple menu.
    2. Simply select Printers & Scanners.
    3. Reset the printing system by performing a right-click anywhere in the Printers panel.
    4. Select OK or Reset.
    5. The printing setup is about to be reset.
    6. Turn the printer off, give it ten seconds, and then turn it back on.
    7. Return to the Printers box at this point and add the printer once more.

4. Check your cables and network connection

Check your wires and make sure your printer is connected properly if your MacBook won’t connect to a printer. Try rebooting your wifi network if you’re using a wireless printer to see if that solves the problem.

MacBook Pro not connecting to Epson printer

The remedies above ought to be able to assist you with your Epson printer problems as well.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why has my Mac’s connection to my printer stopped working?

It may be turned off, or your Mac may currently be connected to a different network if the printer you want to add doesn’t show up in the list of accessible printers. If another user had previously shared the printer, the original user may have stopped doing so, or their Mac may be offline.

2. On a Mac, how do you bring a printer back online?

Select “System Preferences” in the Dock, then “Print & Scan.” If a yellow light displays next to the printer’s name, double-click your printer from the Printer list. To resume, click.

3. My computer says it cannot locate the printer; why?

Try again after restarting the printer. Remove the printer’s plug from the outlet. To test whether it works this time, plug it in one more. Verify the printer’s setup and connection to your computer’s network.

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