M1X Mac Mini with added ports might be coming this Fall

M1X Mac Mini with added ports might be coming this Fall

The Mac Mini is probably one of the unsung heroes of the Mac family. Despite or perhaps due to its small footprint, many homeowners have used the tiny box up ways that Apple probably didn’t initially design it for. Being one among the primary to profit from Apple’s more powerful M1 Silicon only served to boost its profile as a multimedia workhorse, a reputation that Apple might repose on with a replacement high-end Mac Mini that’s coming within the next few months.

The Mac Mini can’t beat MacBooks in terms of portability nor the Mac Pros in terms of power. However, what it offers may be a sweet spot between the 2, within the little, lightweight box that has served as multimedia servers and software development computers for a fair number of Apple’s customers. It’s no surprise, then, that Apple chose it to be the event kit for its first processor.

Fast-forward almost a year later, Apple can seemingly upgrade the M1 Mac Mini to satisfy the growing needs of that market. Consistent with Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, a replacement Mac Mini is coming this Fall to face because of the high-end option of its line. That trait will primarily come via a replacement Apple M1X processor, which will also power subsequent MacBook Pro refresh.

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The M1X Mac Mini will allegedly also sport some new ports to accommodate more peripherals. one of those ports includes a magnetic power port, almost like what the new 24-inch iMac has. There’ll even be a small redesign, consistent with sources, using plexiglass material because of the box’s top plate.

Given these latest rumors, it seems that Apple has an exciting few months ahead. Alongside the M1X MacMini and MacBook Pros, the corporate is additionally expected to debut a redesigned iPad mini in Fall. And, of course, there’s also the iPhone 13 and, therefore, the Apple Watch Series 7, needless to say per annum like clockwork.

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