How to: Fix Lastpass Safari Extension Not Working/showing Up

How to: Fix Lastpass Safari Extension Not Working/showing Up

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Lastpass Safari Extension Not Working/showing Up”

  • LastPass is a popular password manager, yet it frequently fails to function properly.
  • However, it’s possible that it won’t show up in your extensions tab or that it won’t work properly.
  • This article will walk you through how to fix the most common problem with LastPass not showing up or working in Safari.

LastPass is an excellent password manager, but some users have encountered problems with it with Safari, which may be rather annoying.

LastPass, they claim, does not operate in Safari at all. This can be a huge issue, but there is a solution.

It could be due to a recent web browser version upgrade or incompatibility if you check your extensions and see a warning that the LastPass plugin is not showing in Safari.

LastPass may be blocked from being noticed or functioning properly by an anti-virus program, security suite, or system maintenance application.

It’s fine to add LastPass to your security tool maintenance settings as a trusted source so that it can be accessed at any time without causing any issues.

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Why LastPass Safari extension not showing up?

Why doesn’t LastPass work on Safari, or why is it not showing up, a problem that many people have recently encountered?

When attempting to access your LastPass vault, you may receive difficulties due to the extension not being enabled.

When checking the extensions tab to see if it is working properly and displaying your other extensions, you can save time by quitting Safari and then relaunching the browser to get to the preferences in the menu bar.

The LastPass option has a small check box in the left navigation bar that you may toggle to bring the password manager back to life.

It’s crucial to go over this to make sure the password manager extension isn’t turned off right away, so you can move on to the next troubleshooting step.

Please follow the troubleshooting instructions below if you installed the LastPass browser extension and have issues with it suddenly disappearing or being corrupted.

What can I do if LastPass is not working in Safari?

1. Download the latest version of LastPass

    1. Select Safari from the drop-down option.
    2. Select Safari Add-ons.
    3. Find the LastPass Password Manager application.
    4. Get the most recent version.

If prompted that the already exists in the Applications folder because you previously installed a version of the Safari app extension, select Replace.

2. Add LastPass to the Login items list

    • Select Users & Groups from the System Preferences menu.
    • Go to Your user name next.
    • Select the Login Items tab and then the Plus button.
    • Add the app to your list now. It can be found here:
  • ~//Library//Containers//com.lastpass.LastPass//Data//Library//Application Support//LastPass//

3. Check for compatibility with your Mac

Check for updates and install the most recent version that is compatible with your Mac PC using the procedures below:

    1. Leave Safari.
    2. Select Check for updates from the LastPass Menu Bar icon.
    3. Select Update Install.
    4. Restart the Safari app extension for LastPass.

Check the box for the Automatically download and install updates in the future option to allow LastPass to update automatically when a new version is released.

While the Safari Legacy Extension will continue to work on Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan and older, it will not get updated due to Apple restrictions.

The Safari app extension requires a 64-bit CPU and is compatible with the two most recent major macOS releases.

4. Use an alternative password manager

Although most of the best password managers provide equal quality, compatibility difficulties do occasionally arise. If you cannot remedy the issue with LastPass, we propose that you try NordPass.

NordPass was established with a security-first strategy to avoid being hacked by the same cybersecurity specialists who produced the well-known VPN service, NordVPN.

Because NordPass is part of the NordVPN family, you can be assured that the encrypted Safari plugin is hidden from prying eyes.

The best aspect of NordPass is that all of its services are completely free. Its primary advantages include stronger encryption, a less stringent approach in its free edition, lower price, and customer assistance for all types of users.

You can also use different software to enhance your cloud storage. You may also download your LastPass vault as an a.csv file and input it into NordPass.

5. Replace the token

    • Go to


    • Replace the REPLACE HOME token in plist > dict > key[Program] > string with an absolute path to your home folder, for example,
    • After that, save your changes.
    • After logging out and back into your Mac OS, the problem should be addressed.

6. Check if LastPass is hidden

If you have upgraded LastPass and confirmed that it is enabled, the web browser extension icon may be hidden. To make it visible again, follow these steps:

    1. Select View.
    2. Select Customize Toolbar.
    3. In your toolbar, drag and drop the LastPass icon.

7. Uninstall and reinstall the LastPass extension

To remove LastPass from Safari, take these steps:

  1. Leave Safari.
  2. Remove the LastPass Safari app extension from your browser.
  3. Navigate to the Applications folder.
  4. Drag the LastPass App icon to the Trash folder.

To reinstall the LastPass Safari browser extension, go to the LastPass downloads page and choose either download for Safari or Quick Install from the drop-down menu. In the Safari toolbar, click the dormant LastPass icon, input your email address and master password, and then click log in.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. What’s wrong with my LastPass Safari extension?

You may also try re-enabling the LastPass for Safari app extension like this: Select Safari > Preferences from the Menu Bar. The Extensions tab should be selected. In the left navigation, uncheck the box for the LastPass option.

2. What’s wrong with my Safari Extensions?

Try again after installing the latest Apple software updates. If you still can’t get Safari extensions to work, put your Mac into safe mode by hitting and holding the Shift key while it boots up. Restart your Mac normally after turning on any Safari extensions you want to use.

3. Is there a LastPass add-on for Safari?

You can open your LastPass vault by clicking the LastPass Safari app extension icon or by selecting Open My Vault from the LastPass Menu Bar icon. Click the Add icon to add a new site password, secure note, or form fill item.

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5. LastPass Safari extension has disappeared after I upgraded

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