Kratos from God of War is depicted as an impressive sand sculpture

Kratos from God of War is depicted as an impressive sand sculpture

A God of War fan discovers an incredible sand sculpture of Kratos near a shopping mall in Qatar, one that portrays the antihero of the game in a remarkable degree of detail.

According to the creator, one of the most famous video game characters, Kratos, was carved from sand beside a Qatari shopping mall, with the strong god’s chiselled features depicted in incredible detail. As one of gaming’s most recognisable anti-heroes, Kratos has been the subject of numerous fan tributes over the years, ranging from players creating custom LEGO Minifigures of the Ghost of Sparta and his son Atreus to WWE superstar Tommaso Ciampa dressing up as Kratos during NXT’s Halloween Havoc event last month to the creation of custom LEGO Minifigures of Kratos and his son Atreus.

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Even though Kratos created a name for himself in Sony Santa Monica’s original God Of War trilogy, the God Of War remake in 2018 elevated the character to a new level of complexity by sending him on a more contemplative trip across the Nine Realms of Nordic Mythology. This journey will shortly reach its apex with the release of God Of War Ragnarök, which will see Kratos and Atreus go on a quest to unravel the riddle behind an ancient prophecy while facing off against renowned Nordic gods such as Thor, among other things. In the meantime, PC players will play God Of War in a new Steam port that will be released early next year. Jetpack Interactive is developing the port as part of a larger Sony initiative to reach a wider audience of players by bringing some of the company’s biggest exclusives to the PC market.

Game Rant reports that a Reddit user with the handle minekiplier was walking to a shopping centre in Qatar when they came upon an incredible sand sculpture of Kratos in the form he appeared in the God Of War reboot released in 2018. In the following post on r/GodOfWar, it was revealed that this giant-sized tribute to the Ghost Of Sparta contains a great deal of detail, particularly in the texture of Kratos’s beard, the withering wrinkles on his battle-worn face, and the piercing gaze in his eyes. The identity of the person who carved this sculpture has not been revealed at this time. Still, minekiplier and the Reddit users who commented on the post were impressed by the amount of expertise on the exhibit.

Kratos from God of War is depicted as an impressive sand sculpture

There are numerous other artefacts inspired by Kratos’s return in God Of War (2018), including exact replicas of his legendary Leviathan Axe and Blades Of Chaos, which can be found all over the internet. Even more stunning are some of the fan-created costumes for the game’s fearsome Valkyrie foes, which are optional monsters that require considerable skill to overcome in battle. Once the God mentioned above Of War PC port is released in January, the level of ingenuity behind these projects will probably increase, with fans already picturing the wild and imaginative mods that will be released.

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Even though fans will likely never learn who exactly built this massive sand sculpture of God of War’s resident anti-hero Kratos at a mall in Qatar, this tribute captures the mighty Ghost of Sparta in a degree of detail that would make Kratos himself nod in agreement. Thrill-seekers are already anticipating the conclusion of Kratos and Atreus’ epic quest, which will come to a head when the long-awaited God Of War Ragnarök finally releases for PlayStation systems early next year, according to the official website.

Source: Game Rantminekiplier/Reddit