Kodi App Not Installed Error

Kodi App Not Installed Error

Here we can see, “Kodi App Not Installed Error”

Kodi is just one powerful media player who performs the regional press in your device storage and flows the internet content from across the globe. Why is Kodi awesome? Are the third-party Kodi addons. All these addons draw the flows of your favourite articles from several servers, letting you play with them online. However, addons do not function in isolation. They rely heavily upon the outside providers known as dependencies.

The majority of the addons need the dependencies to scratch the world wide web and draw the flows. In reality, nearly all of the favourite add-ons need numerous dependencies. When you put in addons like Exodus Redux, Covenant, Yoda or some other, the essential dependencies will also be installed (when they are not installed). But if a minimum of one addiction fails to put in, Kodi reveals the error, ‘neglected to put in a dependence.’ After the dependency would not set up, you can not set up the addon either.

Fix Failed to Install a Dependency on Kodi

I’ve encountered this error several times; after trying and examining different procedures, I’ve produced a few troubleshooting ideas. Though it’s a challenge to place the finger on exactly what triggers the error, I’m convinced that one of these solutions will do the job for you.

1. Clear the Kodi Cache

Clearing the cache Kodi occasionally can help you mend the error ‘neglected to put in a dependence.’ Preventing the cache is a far superior choice to clearing the full data as you don’t lose your current addons and Kodi preferences.

The ideal method to clean the cache would be via the Ares Wizard. If you do not have Ares Wizard, however, install it. Ares Wizard setup takes approximately 4-5 minutes. however, it’s an excellent tool to get.

Step 1: Today, go right on and start Ares Wizard. You’ll discover it in Kodi Homescreen > Add-ons > Program Add-ons.

Step 2: Once the magician loads up, click on the care tab on top.

Step 3: Then, click ‘Delete Cache/Temp‘ from the Cache section to the proper

Step 4: After the Cache is deleted, then you will realize the next message. Click on ‘OK‘ to move.

Because you may see, the cache size in my machine was only 1 MB. That is because I’d lately uttered Kodi, and I do not have a lot of addons. The cache size will expand, and the bigger it becomes, the more problems it might cause. This is why deleting the cache may aid you with the failed to set up dependence error.’

2. Clear the Kodi Data

From time to time, clearing the cache is not enough. Often, the failure to put in a dependence’ is much more stubborn and does not go away simply by taking away the cache. The other choice is to disable Kodi and install it fresh. For the large part, it is going to look after the issue. But before you do so, you’d wish to try clearing out the Kodi data rather. Clearing the data will reestablish Kodi into your factory default and save you a bit of time.

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When you received the error message that neglected to put independence on FireStick, it is possible to reset Kodi data on the device from the Preferences menu. You might also utilize Ares Wizard to clean the data on most Kodi supported apparatuses (like FireStick).

Install Ares Wizard on Kodi and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Establish Ares Wizard and click on more tab at the top (left to Settings)

Step 2: Click ‘Erase all Data/Fresh Start’ in the listing of options on another screen

Step 3: Verify your activity by clicking ones if the next prompt appears

Step 4: Then, select whether You’d like to keep your favourites, resources, and addon preferences and click on Proceed to continue

It could take a moment or two to clean the Kodi data based upon its dimensions. After the data is removed, Kodi is going to be new as fresh. You may eliminate all of your addon such as Ares Wizard.

3. Remove and Reinstate the Kodi Database

Kodi’s database retains a whole good deal of stuff together in Kodi, and if it becomes corrupt, you begin encountering errors you hadn’t ever seen before, like the person in question or state “Kodi setup failed”

Fixing the Kodi database may help you get rid of several such problems almost immediately. The fantastic thing is that the tainted database doesn’t prevent you away from utilizing Kodi. You find some errors. That is the reason you can resolve this from inside Kodi.

Here is how you can eliminate and reinstall the Kodi database:

Step 1: Visit Kodi home-screen and click on Settings (that the’ cog icon) to the top-right

Step 2: Then, click ‘file manager.’

Step 3: Click ‘Profile Directory‘ about another window

Step 4: Then, click ‘database.’

Step 5: select ‘Addons27.db‘ and press the proper button/key to deliver up the contextual pop-up menu (by way of instance, click Windows PC). Click ‘Delete‘ about the pop-up

Step 6: Verify that your activity by clicking on ‘Yes‘ when prompted.

Step 7: Today, shut Kodi and then relaunch it after around a minute. Attempt to reinstall the addon you’re hoping to put in before if you ran to the ‘neglected to set up dependency’ error.

Notice: After you relaunch Kodi after eliminating the database, visit Add-ons > My add-ons and re-enable your current addons.

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4. Manually Install the Kodi Dependencies

If nothing appears to be operating outside, it’d be a fantastic idea to set up Kodi dependencies employing the TVAddons repository manually. In reality, it’s but one of the initial things you can try as it will repair the issue better compared to other options.

Here’s What You Have to do:

Step 1: Open Preferences in the Kodi home-screen and click ‘system settings‘ over another window.

Step 2: On the following screen, choose ‘Add-ons‘ which you view on the left and right on the proper empower ‘Unknown Resources

Step 3: Click ‘Yes‘ and verify that your activity

Step 4: Move back into Kodi home-screen and now navigate to Settings > File manager.

Step 5: Click ‘Insert source‘ on another window

Step 6: Now, click on <None>

Step 7: Input the origin URL as http://fusion.tvaddons.co. Sort the URL properly since it is the origin from where you may put it in the repository. Click on ‘OK‘ to keep

Step 8: Go ahead and enter a title from the ‘input a title for this particular media source’ text area. You will give it some other name of your selection. I shall name it ‘fusion‘ so I can identify it easily afterwards. Click on ‘OK‘ again to move.

Step 9: Return to this Kodi home-screen and now click ‘add-ons‘ over the left.

Step 10: Click on the open box icon onto the top-left of the following display. This option is also known as ‘Package Installer.’

Step 11: Click ‘Setup in zip file document‘ alongside

Step 12: Click ‘fusion‘ or the title you gave the origin before

Step 13: Open ‘Kodi-repos

Step 14: Click ‘english

Step 15: scroll down and click on the ‘repository.xbmchug-3.0.0.zip‘ (the model number will be subject to change)

Step 16: Wait patiently for your ‘TV Addons Co repo installed’ telling to look at the top of this display

You might want to set up a couple more dependencies in the TVAddons repository. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Visit Kodi home-screen one longer and navigate to Add-ons > Package Installer > Install from zip file (steps 9-11 previously )

Step 2: Click ‘fusion‘(or the name you selected for the origin sooner ) and start ‘Kodi-scripts.’

Step 3: You need to see two or three zip files. One comprises ‘methandler‘ from the title and another comprises ‘urlresolver‘ 

Step 4: Put on every script by one by clicking on it

You’ve installed all of the needed dependencies successfully. Now, attempt to put in exactly the identical addon again, pitching the neglected to set up dependence’ error message. There’s a fair chance that it will repair the issue.

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Kodi Dependencies Not Met

Kodi dependencies not fulfilled’ is just yet another frequent dependency related error, and it would be remiss of me not to touch.

This issue often happens when you’re working on setting up or utilize an addon updated for the more recent version of Kodi within an older variant of Kodi. For example, I’d observe the error whilst attempting to set up an addon intended for Kodi 18 on Kodi 17.6.

Many upgraded addons continue to operate with the old versions; however, the same couldn’t be stated for all of these. Luckily, this matter is comparatively less difficult to repair. All you have to do is upgrade Kodi into the most recent available edition.

Please be aware that Kodi doesn’t support inner upgrade from inside the app. Thus, for the large part, you will call for a new install. This additional means losing the present data, your preferences, along with the setup addons.

Be aware:’The dependence on variant couldn’t be fulfilled’ is that the error similar to ‘Kodi dependencies not fulfilled’ and can normally be fixed by upgrading Kodi into the most recent version. However, if the issue continues despite the upgrade, troubleshoot it using a few of the other approaches I’ve described previously.

Check the Kodi Log File

If nothing works for you, I would advise that you look at the Kodi error log record in the last. Kodi log can allow you to determine what is precisely causing the issue.

Kodi includes a couple of addons that enable you to see the log and upload it on the internet. While seeing the log, then search for neglected to set up dependence’ error message. Even when you’re unable to work out the main cause of the issue, you can talk about the log file, and the Kodi specialists will have the ability to assist you better.


Dependencies are, well, exactly what the addons rely on to fetch the flows for you on Kodi. My experience will tell you the happenings of this error ‘neglected to put in a dependence’ aren’t frequent. However, if you do encounter it, then you are going to wish for a solution easy. One or another troubleshooting above approaches have worked at various times. I find no reason they should not correct the problem for you. In case you have any questions or ideas, allow me to know via the comments section below.