kmode_exception_not_handled windows 10

kmode_exception_not_handled windows 10

Here we can see “kmode_exception_not_handled windows 10

The KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error occurs when the software or applications overwrite each other’s memory. It causes the crashing of the software also leads to a blue screen.

BSOD is the common error in Windows 10, and it goes to pot once you get KMODE Exception not handled error. It’s the foremost difficult situation for an individual when he activates the PC and gets the KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error message displayed on the screen.

The Blue Screen of Death appears on screen thanks to many reasons. The code which appears on the blue screen by which you get the knowledge of the error. Most of the user’s skills to correct this error. But those that don’t know can read this text. We’ve provided the entire guide to repair this issue.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using Windows 10 or the older version, then these methods are suitable for them. However, if the error isn’t allowing you else the windows, you’re recommended to start the windows safely and perform these solutions.


This error occurs when the software or applications overwrite each other’s memory.

It causes crashing of the software also as leads to blue screen. The windows error handler isn’t ready to look for the matter. It’s going to be happening thanks to the faulty Driver. a number of the users

have also experienced the entire system fails.

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Like other errors, this issue is straightforward to resolve. All you’ve got to try to do is to follow the steps given within the methods below. You’ll try these solutions for removing the difficulty, normal windows login, or in safe mode. It depends on the severity of the matter.

Method-1: Disable fast Startup

Follow the steps given here to repair the BSOD error in your windows 10 PC

1) Press Windows Logo Key + Rand to write the instrument panel within the box provided to you.

2) Turn the view by to Large Icons. Then click on Power Options.

3) now head to the proper pane and click on Choose what the facility buttons do.

4) Select Change settings that are currently unavailable option appearing on the page.

5) Deselect the box to activate Fast Startup (Recommended). Click on Save changes to save lots of and exit from the window.

6) Now check if the Kmode Exception not handled error is gone.

Method-2: Update the faulty Driver

If the difficulty is thanks to the driving force, it’s necessary to update the driving force. Unfortunately, sometimes the outdated drivers create a problem within the functioning of the computer. So you want to check for the updates and perform the task as soon as possible. Well, now you’ll be thinking of the drivers who are creating trouble. The windows assist you by indicating the name of the driving force on your screen.

When you get the KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error, the Driver’s name will appear within the bracket with the error. So you get the driving force name, and therefore the task left for you is to update it.

  1. Press Windows key + S. Now type device manager within the Search

box and press enter key.

  1. Find the hardware which is said to the corresponding driver error.

Right-click on the hardware and select update driver software.

  1. Now select Search Automatically for updated driver software. Await the update to finish.
  1. If it doesn’t work for you, then you’ve got a choice to continue the manufacturer’s website and look for the respective Driver. The update for the driving force are going to be available thereon. The procedure will take time, but you’ll get your Driver updated within the end.

Method-3: Uninstall the faulty software/driver

Some of the errors are caused by the drivers or software installed in your device recently. It means you’ve got to delete or unplug the software/hardware. If you’ve got installed software or application before the error strikes on your device, then you ought to uninstall it. And if you’ve got connected the device, then you’ve got to get rid of the device. Also,

the users who have installed hardware need to remove it completely and check if the matter is solved. The recently added program is often uninstalled by following the given steps.

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  1. Press Windows Logo Key + R to open the run window. Now Type the instrument panel within the run command box and press enter key.
  2. Click on view by and choose a category from the list. Select Uninstall

program option given under the title Programs.

  1. Select or highlight the program you would like to uninstall and click on Uninstall button.
  1. After uninstalling the program, restart the pc and check if the matter is fixed.

Method-4: Repair problem using Windows

Windows has the power to repair itself. So SFC scan will find out and repair the matter. The task of this application is to see all the files of the computer and conclude if they’re working properly or not. It’d be useful for you in removing the Kmode Exception not handled error. If you are not skilled to try this process, here are the steps to follow.

  1. Open the prompt window by typing cmd within the search box.
  2. Type the command sfc/scannow and press enter key
  1. it’s going to take a while, so await the method to finish.
  1. Restart your computer and find if the matter is solved.

Last Words

The EMODE-EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error is common in windows 10. Getting this error isn’t an enormous issue because it has many solutions. The methods mentioned earlier are suitable for handling this issue. If you’re still unable to unravel this issue, the matter could also be in your RAM.

So you’re recommended to go to the vendor or contact your manufacturer to see and replace the RAM.

Many issues are difficult for the traditional person to handle. But the E-mode error is straightforward to repair by a non-technician.

Users who have any difficulty in using these methods can drop the message in the comment section. Also, don’t hesitate in sharing the opposite methods you’ve got witnessed for removing this error.

User Questions:


I just had the “KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED, was watching youtube on google chrome. Not conversant on the OS side, but I know my way around in WORD 2007. got to tell me exactly what and the way to try to to it to repair it.

  1. [Solved] KMODE Exception does not handle (BSOD)

So within the last 3 days, I have been getting BSOD whenever a game has been running for a few minutes.

[Update: As I used to be within the middle of scripting this, it happened again. no game of any sort was running, not even the other application aside from Google Chrome which I used to be used to write down this]

Most of the time, the monitor goes mad, and that I need to force pack up my laptop, but when it does show the BSOD, it says KMODE Exception not handled.

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Unlike other cases that I’ve read, it doesn’t include any file name after the “KMODE Exception not handled”

I’ve done a tough disk check, updated most drivers, created a system restore point just in case, but it still happens.

I’ll upload the MEMORY.DMP file as my minidumps folder was empty, also as my system information. I hope someone can help soon.

  1. Error KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED after reinstallation of WIN10

I already asked an equivalent question, but the consultant stopped helping me, and therefore the problem remains not solved.

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  1. KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED happening again

I had this problem over the weekend, and it clothed to be something amiss with McAfee. That software is not any longer on my system, but the KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED has now happened twice today. 

Earlier today, I found my computer had fallen into sleep mode and wouldn’t awaken. I ended up doing a tough pack-up (holding the facility button down until it shut off). Soon after turning it back on, I had a BSOD with KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED showing. No driver or other information was posted with the error. I rebooted, and everyone was fine for about 10 minutes, then it happened again.

I am unable to urge it else in Safe Mode. Attempts to try to do so end in another KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error. I can not get the pc else up in the least without immediately getting that very same error. I’m ready to get to the Windows Recovery screen (Continue, Use a tool, Troubleshoot, close up your PC).