iPhone SE 3 features tipped: Last of a dying breed

iPhone SE 3 features tipped: Last of a dying breed

The next new entry-level iPhone was rumored today, featuring a set of capabilities that are likely to be phased out. Like its predecessor, the iPhone SE 3 will most likely have a Touch ID sensor installed in the home button upfront. It’s also possible that this is the last LCD iPhone ever built.

MyDrivers speculated that the iPhone SE 3 would incorporate next-generation technologies such as a 5G connection and a considerably upgraded processor — such as the Apple-made A15 chip. In addition, according to reports, the iPhone SE 3 will be the last iPhone with an LCD.

In other words, after the release of the new iPhone SE 3 in 2022, Apple is expected to discontinue the use of LCD panels in iPhone devices (and maybe ALL products). According to rumors, this new gadget would be based on the design of the iPhone XR, which was the best-selling phone of 2018.

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ALSO, according to Omdia, the iPhone SE (2020) was the world’s second-most shipped smartphone for the entire year 2020. So it will be long overdue — by the year 2022 – for a new edition of this critically balanced smartphone.

Previous rumors stated that the iPhone SE 3 would resemble its predecessor. That would be consistent with the assumption that there will still be a Touch ID sensor and that the device will only receive a few significant updates. The future iteration will very certainly offer a multitude of color options similar to the iMac — all the colors you could ever want!

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I’m hoping for a design closer to the one we saw in May of 2021. That notion implied a design with a punch-hole front-facing camera and a rear in various colors — similar to the iMac.

Source: omdia | news.mydrivers