iPhone Disconnects from Wifi When Locked

iPhone Disconnects from Wifi When Locked

Here we can see “iPhone Disconnects from Wifi When Locked

Wifi has become one of the necessities to measure within the current society. Normally, people prefer using wifi over mobile data when performing system or app updates. This is often because wifi doesn’t usually have a knowledge cap like mobile data. But after updating their iPhone to iOS 11.3, many users have reported that their wifi disconnects when iPhone is locked. This has made quite an uproar within the iPhone community.

Usually, you can’t keep the screen up all the time while the update is being downloaded. But consistent with the report, the wifi disconnects when iPhone is sleeping or locked. Therefore the updates are going to be disrupted. A method to counter this problem is to disable the auto-sleep function on the iPhone, but this may drain the battery too fast.

So, you would like to seek another effective and feasible solution to the wifi disconnect when the iPhone is locked on iOS 11.3. Here, during this article, we’ll share the simplest solutions to repair this problem.

How to Fix Wi-Fi Disconnects When iPhone is Locked

Many iPhone users have faced wifi is disconnects when iPhone is locked on iOS 11.3. this will be caused thanks to network-related issues, particularly the wifi network. Below are many of the simplest tips and solutions to unravel the wifi disconnects when the iPhone is sleeping/locked.

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Tip 1: Forget and Rejoin Wi-Fi Network

If you encounter wifi disconnects when the iPhone is locked in a specific wifi network, e.g., your home or office, try forgetting it from the network settings and rejoin the network. However, by forgetting the network, you’ll erase all the settings associated with the actual wifi network, which will be turning off wifi when the iPhone is locked or sleeping.

  1. Go to the Settings of your iPhone, then tap on wifi.
  2. Select the network on which you’re facing a drag and tap on Forget this network option on the subsequent screen.
  3. Please turn off the wifi for a couple of seconds and again turn it on.
  4. Select your wifi network and sort within the password for this network to attach to the present network.

Tip 2: Disabling VPN

An active VPN is additionally known to cause many problems, including wifi disconnects when iPhone is locked. So, if you’ve got a lively VPN on your iPhone, disabling it will help solve the matter. To disable the VPN, navigate to iPhone Settings > VPN, then close up the VPN if it’s connected. Disconnecting the VPN should solve the wifi disconnects when iPhone is sleeping. But if even disabling the VPN doesn’t fix the matter, advance to the subsequent solution.

Tip 3: Update Router Firmware

If wifi is disconnecting when iPhone is locked or sleeping, the matter doesn’t need to be related to your iPhone. Sometimes, the wifi router also can cause problems like wifi disconnects when iPhone is locked. You’ll try updating the router firmware if it’s outdated. As every router manufacturer features a different process of updating the firmware, visit the official website of your router manufacturer to urge detailed information about the method.

Tip 4: Turn off Wi-Fi Networking Services

Turning off wifi networking services can also help fix the wifi disconnects when iPhone is locked issue, as many users report. Moreover, turning off the wifi network also will assist you in saving battery. Show off the wifi networking, attend Settings> Privacy > Location Services> System Services, then slide the wifi networking toggle to OFF.

Tip 5: Disable Wi-Fi Assist

Wifi assistance may be a feature that activates the cellular data when there isn’t any reliable wifi network to attach to or the connected wifi network is too weak. But this might alright be the explanation for wifi disconnects when iPhone is sleeping. You’ll close up the wifi assist if you think that the wifi assist causes the wifi by navigating to Settings > Cellular > wifi Assist.

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Tip 6: Restore and Reset iPhone System

If all the above solutions to repair the wifi disconnects when the iPhone is locked, then you’ll try resetting the iPhone network settings to erase all the wifi settings and passwords. First, of course, you’d got to again enter the passwords for the networks that were already saved. But this has shown to get rid of any problematic settings which a faulty wifi setting will cause. If this too doesn’t work, resetting and restoring the device is that the only option. to stop data loss, you ought to copy your data beforehand before restoring the device.

  • Navigate to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings to restore the whole iPhone system and settings.
  • To reset the network settings, attend Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Bonus Tip: How to Backup iPhone Files without iTunes/iCloud

Backing up iPhone data with iTunes or iCloud may be a very strenuous process. But you can’t skip the backup before restoring the iPhone to repair the wifi disconnects when the iPhone is sleeping to stop data loss. Restoring the backup is tiring because of the backup process. So, you’d need a better alternative to backup iPhone files. AnyTrans is that the tool to assist you in managing your iPhone with ease.

Here, we list several amazing features of AnyTrans:

  • Access and consider all iPhone data like photos, videos, audio, messages, contacts, calendar, notes, and more on Mac or P.C.
  • Transfer and backup iPhone data to a computer in one click or selectively without iTunes.
  • Transfer data from the pc to the iOS device without restoring. Namely, no data loss will happen to all or any current data on the device.
  • Transfer files between iOS devices. The iPhone 11/Xs/Xr/X/8 (Plus) and iOS 11.3.1 are supported.
  • Manage iTunes also as iCloud backup data locally.


Sometimes, resetting and restoring the iPhone is the final choice to solve problems like wifi disconnects when the iPhone is locked on iOS 11.3. But doing so can cause data loss. So, you’ll believe AnyTrans to manage your iPhone data easily and securely. If you meet any problem while using the tool, allow us to know within the comments below.

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User Questions:

  1. iPhone 6s+ wifi disconnect while locked

I recently bought iPhone 6s+ and running iOS 9.2.1. Whenever I lock (sleep) my iPhone, the wifi automatically disconnects, and once I unlock or press the power button, it automatically connects. I don’t think it’s any quiet feature bcoz I have delayed notifications thanks to this from apps like Whatsapp, Gmail, etc.

Is it normal behavior from iPhone?

Android has a ‘keep wifi during sleep’ option. I am missing that badly 🙁

Please help anyone.

P.S. battery saver mode is off..background app refreshing is on for all apps. I even tried reset all settings and network settings..what should I do?

  1. wifi turns off when iPhone goes into sleep mode/is locked

As the title says, my wifi keeps disconnecting whenever my phone goes into sleep mode. This started happening the instant I signed with a replacement internet provider and that they came to visit line up the new gear. I even have read online that turning off wifi in sleep mode may be a feature that’s alleged to preserve battery which the iPhone is meant to be doing that, but I used a variety of various wifi’s since getting the phone (my old one from another provider, my friends’, public, etc.) and wifi would ALWAYS stay albeit my phone is in sleep mode and locked for whatever time.

I suspect the matter is with my new router and my phone (all other phones – Android, Windows, work FINE on my new router and that they never disconnect, the wifi works flawlessly with them). So it’s just my iPhone that is the problem. 

  1. Hidden wifi disconnected automatically

I have hidden wifi at home and ready to configure and use it. After a few minutes, like the laptop goes on sleep or locked after a few minutes, I see that the wifi is disconnected. Once I open the setting option, then it’ll connect again.

  1. iPhone Xs Max LTE/wifi disconnect issue

My iPhone Xs Max (256GB variant) is facing few connectivity issues:

Suddenly (4-5 times a day) it loses internet connection via wifi, it shows wifi signals on my phone but no internet. My other devices connected to an equivalent network works fine during that point. My iPhone shows this internet blackout for like 2-3 mins and starts working back as normal.

Whenever my phone switches from wifi to LTE (when I leave home or work), it takes 8-10 mins to attach to the LTE network; the phone shows LTE/4G network immediately but doesn’t hook up the internet. So I had to attend for 8-10 mins to attach or toggle Airplane mode on/off to urge it to connect manually.

Apart from these two issues, I’m also facing the opposite common problem: others reported where my iPhone doesn’t charge once I connect the charging cable and the phone is in sleep mode.

Pls, help. I attempted contacting Apple Technical Support in the Netherlands, but it looks like they’re not conscious of all this; they even denied that others face similar issues, whereas I see apple-related forums crammed with an equivalent.

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