Iphone Autoplay Not Working on Windows 10? Here’s What to Do

Iphone Autoplay Not Working on Windows 10?

Here we can see, “Iphone Autoplay Not Working on Windows 10? Here’s What to Do”

  • Do you need a simple fix for your PC’s inability to support iPhone AutoPlay? Our goal is to assist you.
  • Take a closer look at the guide below that describes how to fix this specific problem right now.

You can automatically play multimedia files with Windows 10 AutoPlay, but many Windows 10 users have complained that iPhone AutoPlay is broken.

Even though you may occasionally hear the sound acknowledging that you have plugged in your iPhone, customers claim that even the AutoPlay window doesn’t appear.

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What to do if iPhone is not listed in AutoPlay devices?

1. Reset Windows 10 AutoPlay settings back to default

    1. Type control panel by using the Windows Key+S keys. Select Control Panel from the results list.
    2. Select AutoPlay as soon as your Control Panel appears.
    3. Check the box next to “Use AutoPlay for all media and devices” in the AutoPlay options.
    4. Tap the Reset all defaults button now. By doing this, the default Windows 10/iPhone AutoPlay settings are restored.

Try the steps above if iPhone AutoPlay isn’t working. Check your AutoPlay now to see if it activates when your iPhone is connected.

Won’t the control panel open for you? To locate a solution, check over this step-by-step manual.

You can choose to modify your AutoPlay preferences using the Settings app:

    1. Select Settings after clicking Start.
    2. Choose the Devices category.
    3. Select the option that reads “AutoPlay” by clicking AutoPlay on the menu’s left side. Every time, ask me (on the right-hand pane) for a memory card and a removable disk.

2. Modify the registry

    1. In Notepad, copy the text that follows.
      • Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
      • [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesExplorer] "NoDriveTypeAutoRun"=dword:00000091
      • "NoDriveTypeAutoRun"=-
    2. Close the notepad after saving it to your desktop.
    3. Right-click this file (on the desktop) and give it a new name ending in “.reg.”
    4. To change the registry, right-click the saved file and select Run as administrator.

Sometimes, your registry setting is to blame for iPhone AutoPlay not working. Therefore, you should execute a text file to change the problematic registry entries.

Simply reconnect your iPhone after that to try the AutoPlay feature again.

3. Run the ShellHWDetection command

    1. Type cmd into the Start box after clicking it (in the search box).
    2. Run as administrator can be chosen by right-clicking the cmd option.
    3. Enter net start shellhwdetection after the Command Prompt window opens.
    4. Switch off your computer.

The Shell Hardware Detection, a service that provides notifications for Windows 10 AutoPlay, is managed by the ShellHWDetection command.

If iPhone AutoPlay isn’t working, try the steps mentioned above to see if the issue is with this service.

4. Turn AutoPlay off then back on

    1. Click Start, then choose Settings.
    2. Then choose AutoPlay under Devices.
    3. Locate the tab that says “Use AutoPlay for all Media and Devices” and slide it to “off.”
    4. Slide it back on once you’ve waited a few seconds.

5. Update your drivers

Outdated drivers might bring about autoPlay issues. As a reminder, you should constantly confirm that the drivers on your PC are correctly updated.

This will not only keep your computer running smoothly, but it will also affect all the apps and features, including AutoPlay.

After that, remember to restart your computer for the modifications to take effect. Additionally, remember that this is your opportunity to address any driver-related problems.

Additionally, you may have your computer automatically check for driver updates to see if any of your system drivers need to be updated. You should follow a few easy actions to acquire the newest drivers.

To further ease the process, you may locate some of the best driver update tools if you need assistance with updating your drivers.

If iPhone AutoPlay isn’t working, try temporarily disabling the feature as mentioned above.

6. Run Windows 10 hardware/devices troubleshooter

    1. Type “troubleshooting” into the search box after clicking the Start button.
    2. Troubleshooting can be chosen from the list of results.
    3. After selecting View all, select Hardware and Devices.
    4. Then, adhere to the on-screen directions after clicking Next.

If iPhone AutoPlay is not functioning, running the hardware and device troubleshooter on your computer can be helpful. Check to see whether the issue has been fixed now.

7. Reinstall the driver

    1. Device Manager should be opened.
    2. Select with the right mouse button.
    3. Right-click on the Apple iPhone entry after finding it.
    4. Choose Uninstall device, then adhere to the on-screen directions.
    5. Connect your iPhone through USB. Windows will reinstall the driver software. If not, return to Device Manager and select Update Driver by right-clicking on the iPhone.

Reinstalling your Apple iPhone’s driver might work if the driver update is ineffective.

8. Disconnect other USB devices

Would it be possible to try unplugging all other USB devices before reconnecting your iPhone? Although it seems strange, this solution occasionally works.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Has Apple abandoned autoplay?

The Music app still has the infinity icon for Autoplay, which is good news. Since realizing you can’t see it, have you reset your iPhone? If not, go ahead and restart your computer because it can fix unforeseen problems. From a playlist, pick a song to listen to while testing.

2. How can I activate autoplay?

The autoplay slider is along the top, between the Cast, Subtitles/CC, and Settings buttons. When the slider is on the right, and there is a play triangle in the center, autoplay is on. Autoplay is disabled if the slider is to the left and the pause lines are in the center.

3. What does the icon for Autoplay resemble?

Your playlist queue can be accessed by clicking the list icon in the lower right corner of your screen. Click the Autoplay button. You can see what appears to be an infinite loop to the right of “Playing Next,” but it won’t be highlighted with a box to show that it’s disabled.

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