iPhone 12 more popular than iPhone 11, installed base figures show

iPhone 12 more popular than iPhone 11, installed base figures show

According to installed base characters, a new report states that the iPhone 12 is outperforming the iPhone 11 at a similar point in its lifecycle.

Out Of Counterpoint:

Apple¬†iPhone’s installed base increased by just 2 percent in Q1 2021 in comparison to Q1 2020. Unlike shipments or sales data, the installed base amount informs us concerning the number of components of an item being used. Expansion in its installed base isn’t a part of Apple’s strategic attention. As opposed to decreasing ASP (average selling price) to boost installed foundation, Apple asserts its ASP and has great earnings from accessories and solutions. Assessing the Q1 2021 iPhone set up a foundation with this at Q1 2020, first sales of this iPhone 12 show were much better compared to iPhone 11 series. The iPhone 11 show’s share from the overall iPhone setup base was 15% in Q1 2020 compared to iPhone 12 show’s 16 percent in Q1 2021. It could be mentioned that the iPhone 12 show’s launch date has been just only one month later compared to its iPhone 11 series. Further iPhone 12 series also competes with all the low-tier iPhone SE 2020.

Regardless of a delayed launch and rivalry in the¬†iPhone SE, Apple’s iPhone 12 will be in more control than the iPhone 11 has been that this time this past year.

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The statistics also show an extremely intriguing change, in that 54 percent of iPhone 12 versions would be the iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max. By comparison, the iPhone 11 was more popular than the pro version this past year.

The best 5 iPhone versions in Q1 2021 about installed base are the iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, and the iPhone 12. The finest iPhone lately, Apple is expected to substitute the iPhone 12 using all the iPhone 13 after this season.