Intel PC vs. Mac ad is an unapologetic social experiment

Intel PC vs. Mac ad is an unapologetic social experiment

Throughout the times, there’s a silent war going on between the Pcs and Mac. Intel has always remained neutral through those battles cause it supported both factions. However, with the arrival of Apple’s new Silicon, Intel has been forced to choose its side and plan to engage in battle on behalf of Windows PCs. Its current method is to distinguish the borderline of what it states as the social experiment mentioning that Apple followers should wake up from their dreams.

The unjust general group labeled Apple fans as the “iSheep” cause they stick to the company products simply out of loyalty. Intel’s recent video clip “Breaking the Spell” also defines that most loyal Apple buyers are not quite satisfied with how things are with Macs, MacBooks, and even iPads. However, they are not aware that Windows devices have cleared all those issues.

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The video clip goes like this, a testing group trying for advanced hardware customization opinions, to play games or fancy things like touchscreen else modifiable tablet/laptop hybrid. Later it is presented as something like Macbook, but it can also fold back to change into a tablet. The ad ends with a “Punchline” where the host displays that this type of “MacBook” exits only in Intel PCs.

Intel Chief Performance Strategist Ryan Shrout says that this is not a made-up one but the actual feedback of the users. It may seem unreal to believe, but its not much hard to understand the people on the opposite sides of the wall without knowing what the other side holds in. Likewise, Intel just happened to look the other side of the wall and got to know it was the Apple Users by chance. So, of course, its unlikely to happen.

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Even though the ads have clearly shown that PCs are over the Macs and MacBooks, they can’t understand why Apple fans are still trying to get hands-on Cupertino’s products eventhough they know about Intel-powered Windows PCs. These reasons reminded Intel that they couldn’t control the buyers, even if they had the better software ecosystem, reliability, and performance.