Installation Stopped Xbox One Error

Installation Stopped Xbox One Error

Here we can see, “Installation Stopped Xbox One Error”

  • In this article, we’ll show you how to cure one of the most typical Xbox One issues: Construction was stopped.
  • One of the most widely used gaming consoles is the Xbox One, and many users appear to be impacted by this mistake.
  • Usually, fixing this only requires doing the simple actions we’ve listed below.

You may install both programs and games on your Xbox One system. The advantages of installing games on your hard drive include faster game startup.

Some users have complained that installation processes have halted on their Xbox One. Today, we’ll explain how to resolve this issue.

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How can I fix Installation stopped Xbox One error?

Solution 1 – Clear local saved games and try to reinstall the game

Users said that for some reason, the installation process stalls, preventing the game from being installed. Your saved games may cause this problem, and deleting them from your console will solve it.

Your game’s saved files may occasionally become damaged, resulting in various errors, including this one. You must do the following actions to delete stored game data:

    1. Check to see if the disc tray is empty.
    2. To access the Guide, scroll left on the Home screen.
    3. All Settings option under Settings.
    4. Select Storage > System.
    5. Pick Clear local saved games from the menu now.
    6. Selecting Yes will confirm.
    7. Switch off your system and try installing the game once more.

With this option, you can only erase the saved games that are locally stored on your console, but you can download them again through Xbox Live and pick up where you left off.

Solution 2 – Go offline and try to install the game

This problem might occasionally happen when a game tries to update itself while being installed. Simply going offline and attempting to install the game offline can help you avoid this issue. Follow these steps to do that:

    1. To access the Guide, scroll left on the Home screen.
    2. The All Settings option under Settings.
    3. Select Network > Network configuration.
    4. Choose the Go Offline choice.

You need to stop the download now that you’re offline by doing the following:

    1. To access My games & applications, scroll to the right on the Home screen.
    2. Choose Queue.
    3. Draw attention to the game you want to install.
    4. Select Cancel by pressing the Menu button on the controller.

You must now restart your console without the game disc in it. Perform the following steps to restart your Xbox One:

    1. To access the Guide, scroll left on the Home screen. Alternatively, you can open the Guide by double-tapping your controller’s Xbox button.
    2. Select Settings.
    3. Choose the option to restart the console, then click Yes to confirm.

Simply press and hold the power button on the front for 10 seconds to restart your console if it becomes frozen for any reason. Insert the game disc and attempt installing it once more when your console has restarted.

To successfully install the game, you must visit the internet and download the most recent updates. Follow these steps to do that:

    1. My Games & Apps can be accessed by scrolling on the Home screen.
    2. The All Settings option under Settings.
    3. Select Network > Network configuration.
    4. Select Online now.

You only need to download the most recent game updates after connecting to the internet.

Solution 3 – Check the status of Xbox Live services

You occasionally need to have access to Xbox Live in order to install games. However, you can run into complications during the installation process if Xbox Live is having problems and its services aren’t operating.

Xbox Live Core and Social and Gaming services must be active to complete some installations. If either of these services is unavailable, installation issues may arise.

Unfortunately, because this is a server-side issue, there is little you can do but wait till Microsoft resolves it. But you can easily check the status of Xbox Live services by going to the Xbox website.

Solution 4 – Make sure that you’re using the correct account

If you’re logged in with the wrong account, you could occasionally experience issues with your installation.

If you have multiple accounts on your console, ensure you’re signed in with the one you used to buy this game since all of your games are connected to your Xbox account.

Remember that this fix is exclusive to digital downloads.

Solution 5 – Make sure that you have enough storage space

Xbox One games can be fairly huge, so you’ll need a lot of hard disk space to install them. This issue can occasionally arise if your hard disk isn’t large enough for you to install a particular game.

If you missed the message that you were running low on hard disk space, you could verify it by following these instructions:

    1. Go to the Notifications area after tapping the Xbox button on your controller.
    2. Look for any warnings about running out of hard drive space.
    3. If so, you can install your games on an external hard drive and add them to your computer, or you can make room on your internal hard drive.

You must do the following actions to remove stuff from your hard drive:

    1. To open My Games & Apps on the Home screen, click the Right Trigger and A button simultaneously.
    2. Find and highlight the game or app you want to remove.
    3. Select Manage Game or Manage App on the controller by pressing the Menu button.
    4. Choose Internal Manage All next.
    5. Select Remove everything.
    6. Repeating the process to make the required space available can take a few times.

Solution 6 – Check for system updates

If your console is outdated, you could occasionally experience installation issues. It is suggested that you check to see if your console has any updates available to resolve this problem:

    1. To access the Guide, tap the Xbox button.
    2. Decide on Settings > All settings.
    3. Choose System > Console info & updates at this point.
    4. The bottom of the first column should display an update if one is available.

Try installing the game once again after downloading the most recent update.

Solution 7 – Restart your console and unplug the power cable

Try resetting your system and removing the power cord if you see the Installation halted error on your Xbox One.

Press and hold the power button on the console’s front until it turns off to accomplish that. Unplug the power cable after your console has shut off and keep it unplugged for at least 30 seconds.

To turn on your Xbox, reconnect the power cable once more, then click the power button. Install the game and see whether the issue is fixed after the Xbox One restarts.

Solution 8 – Install your game to internal hard drive

When users try to install the game on an external hard drive, their installation is reported to have stopped. A fantastic method to conserve storage space is to install games on external hard drives, but attempting to do so can sadly result in certain difficulties.

By installing the game to the internal hard drive and changing the download location for all future downloads to the internal hard drive, users claimed to have successfully resolved this issue.

They completed that, and their game was successfully installed.

Solution 9 – Restore your Xbox to factory defaults

One of the quickest fixes for installation issues that might occasionally arise from corrupted files is to do a factory reset.

Please be aware that a factory reset will wipe all of your console’s files, so make a backup before doing so. Take the following actions to perform a factory reset:

    1. To access the Guide, scroll left on the Home screen.
    2. Choose All Settings under Settings.
    3. Choose System.
    4. Selecting Console info & updates.
    5. Choose Reset console next.
    6. Two alternatives are available: Reset and keep my games and apps and Reset and erase everything. We advise using the latter so that you may do the reset and delete the corrupted data without erasing your installed games or apps. You’ll need to utilize the Reset and delete everything option if this option doesn’t work. A backup of your vital files will prevent you from having to download them again. Remember that selecting this option will erase all of your games, saved games, data, and apps.

Try installing the game once more following the completion of the reset process. Remember that you should only resort to a factory reset if all other options fail.

Solution 10 – Uninstall and reinstall the game

Your installation may occasionally become corrupted, which will prevent your games from installing. You simply need to delete and redownload your game to fix this issue. Must you take the following actions to accomplish it on Xbox One:

    1. Go to My Games & Apps on your Dashboard.
    2. Press the Menu button on your controller after selecting the game you want to delete.
    3. Choosing Manage Game from the menu.
    4. You should now be able to see how much room the game occupies. To uninstall the game, use the Uninstall option.

You must reinstall the game after removing it from your Xbox. Follow these steps to do that:

    1. Navigate to My Games & Apps.
    2. Find the part marked “Ready to install.” This area includes all the games you own but haven’t installed.
    3. Simply choose the game you wish to install, then wait for the process to be finished.

Before deleting and reinstalling the game, some users advise that you try refreshing your Dashboard. While holding the Left Trigger + Right Trigger + Y button combo will refresh the Dashboard, we’re not sure how that will fix the issue.

Solution 11 – Clean your disc

Your disc may be broken if the installation crashes while attempting to install a game from a disc. If so, cleaning your disc can be all that’s needed to solve the issue.

Hold the disc by its side while performing this, being careful not to touch its top or bottom surfaces. Now carefully clean it from the center to the edges with a clean, damp towel.

You can also ask any retailer with a disc polishing equipment to clean your disc if you bring it in.

You might want to think about replacing your disc if cleaning or polishing it doesn’t resolve the problem. Consider testing your disc on a friend’s console to verify whether it runs without any issues before replacing your own.

Call the retailer and request a replacement if the issue persists.

Solution 12 – Use Google DNS

The DNS settings on your Xbox One can cause installations to fail. This error and many others may emerge as a result of problems with your DNS.

Users said that utilizing Google DNS or OpenDNS was all that was necessary to resolve this issue. The procedures below must be followed to modify your Xbox One’s DNS settings:

    1. Select Settings by pressing the Menu button on your controller.
    2. Select Advanced options > Network.
    3. Pick DNS configurations.
    4. Select Manual.
    5. Now type as the secondary DNS and as the primary DNS. If you’d want to utilize OpenDNS, set Primary DNS to and Secondary DNS to
    6. To save changes, hit the B button on your controller after entering the DNS server addresses. You will see the message “It’s all good.”

Check whether the issue has been fixed after switching to Google DNS or OpenDNS.

Solution 13 – Format your hard drive for games & apps

It’s common practice for users to store games and software on external hard drives, which is a terrific method to free up space on your internal hard disk.

However, you must correctly format your external hard drive before using it for games and programs. Because formatting your hard disk will erase all of its contents, make a backup of your files.

The following steps must be taken to format your external hard drive:

    1. On the Home screen, swipe left to reveal the Guide.
    2. The All Settings option under Settings.
    3. Select Storage > System.
    4. The Format for games & applications option can be found after choosing your storage device.

Please note that not all external hard drives support the storage of games and apps. Your external hard drive must use a USB 3.0 connection and have a capacity of 256GB or more if you want to put apps and games on it.

Your drive can only be used to store other files, including music and videos if it doesn’t fulfill those specifications.

Solution 14 – Connect the console to your modem

Xbox One users frequently use a wireless connection to access the Internet. One benefit of wireless communication is the ability to connect to the Internet without using cords easily.

This is extremely helpful if you want to keep your space tidy and cable-free.

While wireless connections are straightforward, they are susceptible to interference and data loss, which can occasionally prohibit some games from installing on Xbox One.

If your Xbox One has installation issues, you must use an Ethernet cable to connect it directly to your modem.

You might wish to try switching to a wired connection because a small number of people stated that doing so addressed their problems.

Since it will prevent you from installing games, the installation stopped error can be a major issue, but you should be able to resolve it by going offline and trying to install the game again. Feel free to try any other recommendation from this page if it doesn’t work.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why does the installation on my Xbox One keep getting stuck?

The Xbox One’s console trying to get an update for the game while the game is downloading is the most frequent reason for installation to be halted. Another frequent reason is that the locally saved game files get corrupt.

2. On the Xbox One, how can I fix corrupted data?

Press the A button after choosing the game. Press the A button after choosing the saved game. Note A yellow exclamation point indicates a corrupted saved game file. Delete the corrupted file if the saved game file is damaged.

3. Does the Xbox One’s cache-clearing process remove stored games?

While erasing temporary data, emptying the cache does not affect game data, save data, your accomplishments, or anything else of the sort. You won’t lose access to any downloaded games, applications, movies, or TV series. You don’t need to be concerned about losing any crucial information if you safely erase your cache.

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