In GTA 5, a glitch allows an NPC to repeatedly beat up Trevor in a cutscene

In GTA 5, a glitch allows an NPC to repeatedly beat up Trevor in a cutscene

According to a recent video from a Grand Theft Auto 5 fan, an NPC continually knocks up Trevor in a classic cutscene with Franklin.

Trevor is repeatedly struck in a new Grand Theft Auto 5 clip during one of the more iconic cutscenes. Rockstar Games is notorious for having some amusing bugs, but this GTA 5 issue is the funniest. The fact that the game has been available for eight years and people continuously find new ways to break it adds to the hilarity.

Even though it was released a decade ago, Rockstar’s critically acclaimed open-world game is still going strong. GTA Online’s newest update, starring Franklin and Dr. Dre, will be available for free later this week. Franklin hasn’t been seen since the end of the main storey. Therefore the update will essentially continue the storey of GTA 5. Franklin will return as a fixer for celebrities spotted in San Andreas in the update. However, some players are still following Franklin’s journey to fame in the original game’s tale.

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Two NPCs disrupted a memorable moment between Franklin and Trevor, according to Reddit user Stephenburnett98. A pedestrian attacks Trevor at the start of the cutscene, but he continues to speak with Franklin. Until a second NPC stepped in to observe, the NPC continued to hit, kick, and shove Trevor down. Despite this, the cutscene continues as usual, with Trevor assaulting an entirely different individual.

There are a lot of ridiculous glitches in the GTA series, but this is one of the funnier ones. It takes one of the game’s most notable moments and adds a shocking twist. Even though Rockstar just came off of the very bumpy launch of the GTA Trilogy, this is a far less serious flaw. The recently released collection sullied gamers’ recollections of the classic trilogy and ruined the first-time experience for newcomers. A jumbled collection of games harmed things like rain, texturing, AI behaviour, and much more.

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The game’s cutscenes cause the GTA 5 issue is not pre-rendered. Because the cutscenes are set in the playable world, an NPC was irritated by Trevor and sought a fight with him for any reason. When GTA 5 is re-released in March 2022, likely, bugs like this will still exist. Since 2020, Rockstar has been preparing a re-release of its critically praised game for Xbox One X and PlayStation 5 but has not revealed any significant differences. With only a few months until the game’s release, the developer is expected to announce the changes it’s making soon.

GTA 5 and GTA Online are available to play now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms.

Source: The Nerd Dojo/YouTube