Hyundai Acquires Boston Dynamics and Its Robot Dog, Spot

Hyundai Acquires Boston Dynamics and Its Robot Dog, Spot

Automobile manufacturer Hyundai has obtained robotics firm Boston Dynamics and its resources, such as Spot the robot puppy.

Throughout the past couple of decades, Boston Dynamics has generated some revolutionary improvements in robotics. Nowadays, automaker Hyundai has completed the purchase of their robotics firm and all its resources, such as Spot the (marginally controversial in certain quarters) robot puppy.

Hyundai Acquires Boston Dynamics

Automobile manufacturer Hyundai has officially obtained robotics firm Boston Dynamics after a deal created in the conclusion of 2020. As declared in the official media launch, the finished deal signifies that Hyundai currently owns an 80 percent bet of Boston Dynamics.
After obtaining Boston Dynamics, Hyundai’s strategy for its future will be to create a “robotics series” that covers production, automation, and construction. Though Hyundai has researched robotics itself, it would appear that the automobile manufacturer is considering all Boston Dynamics’ other regions also.

The purchase deal was in the works for quite a while now and priced Hyundai $1.1 billion. Concerning deal sizes, that is a big sum to spend in getting another corporation. But, we have previously seen comparable or even bigger acquisitions from the technology world.

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What Is Boston Dynamics, and What Does It Do?

Robotics firm Boston Dynamics was created in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ago in 1992. Google subsequently acquired the business in 2013 beneath the Alphabet subsidiary but afterward sold it into Japanese fund firm Softbank in 2017. Even following the purchase from Hyundai, Softbank is keeping another 20% of Boston Dynamics.

Boston Dynamics is likely most famous for Spot, the glowing yellow robot puppy that has been all around the world wide web. The position was readily available for customer purchase from June 2020, though you will want to shell out $ $74,500 to purchase the robot. Most recently, the business was criticized for permitting the authorities in certain regions to utilize Spot in law enforcement.

Boston Dynamics’ innovative robotics aims to positively affect society, making work more healthy and more effective. By way of instance, Position the robot dog may be transmitted to regions of crisis disasters to help in search and rescue assignments without placing more people in harm’s way.

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Hyundai Is Accelerating Into Robotics

It is no secret that robots will be the future, and vehicle manufacturers have understood this for decades; approximately 45% of manufacturing robots help in automobile production. Hyundai’s recent attempts with robotics away from the manufacturing process reveal a growing interest in the area. The purchase of Boston Dynamics just further accomplishes this.

Using Hyundai quickening into the robotics marketplace, it will be intriguing to see in which the provider goes.