How to: Fix Hulu Error Codes 301, and 95 in a Few Easy Steps

How to Fix Hulu Error Codes 301, and 95 in a Few Easy Steps

Here we can see, “How to Fix Hulu Error Codes 301, and 95 in a Few Easy Steps”

  • Power cycling the computer and router will quickly fix the Hulu error code 301 or 95.
  • Another effective solution to this issue is to clear the browsing history.
  • The Hulu UWP app can always be uninstalled and then reinstalled to see whether the issue still exists.

Disney+ is convenient to access from home and while travelling, and it caters to all types of viewers with high-quality content from all genres and historical periods.

On the Hulu forum, some users have discussed the 301 and 95 error codes. These are Hulu playback issues that some users could experience.

When those problems occur, their error codes appear and halt the playback of the video. Users, therefore cannot access Hulu content when those issues happen.

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How do I fix error code 301 and 95 on Hulu?

1. Power cycle PC and router

    1. Try unplugging your computer and internet router first. Unplug your computer after turning it off.
    2. Next, turn the router off and then unplug it.
    3. After a little while, plug the router back in.
    4. Activate the router.
    5. Then restart the computer.

2. Clear your browser’s data

    1. Corrupted browser data may be the cause of the Hulu error code 301. (for those users utilizing Hulu with browsers). Press the Ctrl + Shift + Del keyboard shortcut in Google Chrome to erase all of its data.
    2. Choosing the Advanced tab.
    3. Then check the boxes next to Cookies, Download History, Browsing History, and Cache Images.
    4. Select “Clear data” from the menu.

3. Reinstall the Hulu UWP app

    1. If you use the Hulu UWP app to watch videos, you should reinstall it. To do that, click the Type here to search the taskbar button to bring up the Windows 10 search box.
    2. Next, type the keyword app into the search box.
    3. To access the Settings tab, click Apps & features.
    4. Select Hulu from the list of Apps & Features by scrolling down.
    5. Hulu can be uninstalled by using the Uninstall option.
    6. After Hulu has been uninstalled, restart Windows.
    7. Visit the MS Store page for the Hulu app. To reinstall the app, click Get on that page.

4. Change DNS settings to Google DNS

    1. 301 Hulu error Users can fix DNS problems by switching their DNS settings to Google IP addresses. For the Run accessory, use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + R.
    2. In the Open box, type ncpa.cpl, and then click OK to launch Network Connections.
    3. There, right-click your internet connection and choose Properties.
    4. When a popup appears, choose Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4).
    5. To access IPV 4 options, click the Properties button.
    6. Choose the option to use the following DNS server addresses.
    7. In the Preferred DNS Server box, type
    8. Enter into the Alternative DNS Server box after that.
    9. To close the windows, click the OK buttons.

5. Hold an option for a different platform

Without a doubt, there is always a different solution to rescue the day without completely losing your Hulu subscription and to relax when your devices aren’t responding to the app.

The best deal you can give yourself is to consolidate your possessions. Hulu, Disney+ (which offers original films, television shows, and animated series from Pixar, Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, and National Geographic), ESPN+ (for sports and live broadcasts), and Hulu are some more streaming services.

As a result, since you already have a Hulu account, you may upgrade to this wonderful bundle there and log on.

6. Remove devices connected with Hulu account

    1. You might try removing unused devices from a Hulu account. Launch a browser and Hulu.
    2. If necessary, sign into your Hulu account.
    3. To choose an Account, click the name of your Hulu profile in the window’s top right corner.
    4. On the account page, under Watch Hulu on Your Devices, click Manage Devices.
    5. If you don’t require any of the listed devices, click Remove.

7. Check the date and time settings in Windows

    1. When your playback device’s time and date settings are incorrect, Hulu difficulties may occur. Click the Type here to search box on Windows 10 to check the time settings.
    2. In the box labelled “Type here to search,” type the word “date.”
    3. To open the Date & time settings tab window, click it.
    4. At that tab, look in the Time zone box. If it isn’t already set, choose your local time zone there.
    5. Turn off the option to “Set the time automatically” to manually enter the time and date for your location.
    6. The window displayed below will then open when you click the Change button.
    7. Click the Change button after entering the time and date for your region.

You may be able to stream Hulu’s video content once more using Windows browsers or the UWP app if the modifications mentioned above are successful in fixing error codes 301 and 95.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How do I resolve the Hulu errors 95 and 301?

    1. Open the menu on the Google Play Store by launching it.
    2. Go to the Installed tab of My Apps & Games by selecting it now. Go to My Games & Apps.
    3. Next, launch the Hulu app and select Update (if an update is available).
    4. Launch the updated Hulu app to see if the problem 95 has been fixed.

2. Why is Hulu filled with errors?

Most of the time, this error is caused by problems with the network. It’s also conceivable that your device’s application files for Hulu became corrupted or that Hulu’s servers went down unexpectedly. We recognize that you might be getting upset right now if you are also experiencing a connection difficulty on Hulu.

3. Why isn’t Hulu working for me?

Ensure the Hulu app on your phone or streaming device is completely updated before using it. Restart the browser and, if necessary, manually install updates if you’re streaming with the web player. How to update apps on iPad and iPhone using iOS. How to update apps on an Android device.

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