How to: Fix Hulu Errors 5005 and 5003 in Just a Few Steps

How to Fix Hulu Errors 5005 and 5003 in Just a Few Steps

Here we can see, “How to Fix Hulu Errors 5005 and 5003 in Just a Few Steps”

  • The last thing you want to see before starting a binge-watching session is the 5005 or 5003 Hulu error.
  • The first step in fixing this problem is to see if Hulu’s servers are down, after which you should clear the cache in your browser.
  • You can also attempt to reinstall the application because many users claim that doing so resolved their problem.

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Numerous error codes are available on Hulu for common streaming service issues. Hulu’s error codes include 5005 and 5003, among others.

Some people encounter those issues when they attempt to play Hulu videos. These playback problems require you to verify your internet connection and are similar to one another. The solutions for Hulu errors 5005 and 5003 are therefore comparable.

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Check out these potential fixes for Hulu errors 5005 and 5003

1. Is Hulu down?

Check to see if the 5005 or 5003 error is a server problem first. To do this, launch a browser and go to the Hulu Downdector page. This lets you know if there is a widespread server malfunction. Wait for Hulu to resolve the server issue if there is one.

2. Clear browser data

    1. Try clearing the cache of your browser to access Hulu if it’s not down. The Customize and control Google Chrome button in that browser can be used to remove the cache.
    2. Click More Tools and Clear browsing data to access the choices listed below.
    3. In the Time range drop-down menu, choose All time.
    4. Choose the Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files settings.
    5. Select “Clear data” from the menu.

3. Update your browser

    1. If you’re using an outdated browser, updating that program may be able to resolve problems 5005 or 5003. By selecting the Customize and control Google Chrome menu option, Chrome users can achieve that.
    2. Choose Help > About Google Chrome from the menu.
    3. If the web browser is updated, then restart Google Chrome.

4. Reinstall the Hulu app

    1. Try reinstalling the program to fix issues 5005 or 5003 for the Hulu app. Click the Type here to search button on the taskbar of Windows 10 to do this.
    2. In the search box, enter the app.
    3. To access the Settings tab, click Apps & features.
    4. Choosing the Hulu app, then clicking the Uninstall option.
    5. After Hulu has been uninstalled, restart Windows.
    6. To reinstall the app, open the Hulu website and select Get.

5. Check date and time settings in Windows

    1. When the date and time are incorrectly configured on the device you’re trying to play movies on, Hulu playback difficulties, like error 5003, can occur. The date should be entered in the Windows Type here search box to check the time settings.
    2. The window displayed right below will popup when you click Date & time settings.
    3. Verify that the Time zone drop-down menu’s selection of the correct time zone is made.
    4. If the option to Set a time zone automatically is selected, deactivate it.
    5. To access the window displayed directly below, click Change.
    6. Click the Change button after ensuring the time and date settings are accurate.

6. Change your DNS settings

    1. Change your network settings to Google DNS and see whether the 5005 or 5003 error still occurs. Use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + R to launch Run.
    2. In the Open box, type ncpa.cpl. Then, as shown in the image right below, click OK to launch the Control Panel applet.
    3. To access Properties, right-click your internet connection.
    4. Click the Properties button after deciding on Internet Protocol Version 4.
    5. Select the radio option for the following DNS server addresses.
    6. Put in the Preferred DNS server box.
    7. Enter in the box marked “Alternative DNS server.”
    8. To confirm, click the OK button.

These are some ways to resolve the 5005 and 5003 Hulu issues. Some of those proposed modifications might also be effective on other platforms, such as the PlayStation 4 or Apple TV. However, only Windows 10 is compatible with the instructions mentioned above.

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User Questions

1. Why is Hulu filled with errors?

Most Hulu issues are resolved by following a few general troubleshooting guidelines because they are frequently brought on by a bad internet connection, problems with the streaming device, or problems with the Hulu app. The most typical remedies for Hulu error codes are shown below: Your Roku or another streaming device should be restarted or reset.

2. Why do I constantly getting errors when I try to access Hulu?

Since this error is a playback fault, it typically indicates that your streaming device or app is having issues. Try these steps whether you’re watching it on your phone, laptop, Apple TV, or PS5. Reinstall the Hulu app after deletion. Restart the computer.

3. Why did Hulu start to malfunction?

Internet connectivity and software problems are the two main obstacles preventing Hulu from working. Your home network setup or internet connection may be to blame for the first difficulty, but it may also be a connectivity issue with the Hulu service itself.

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