Huawei Releases Another Big Update for Its Google Maps Replacement

Huawei Releases Another Big Update for Its Google Maps Replacement

Petal Maps is now also Huawei’s large stake in the navigation program combat since it includes characteristics motivated by Google Maps, but in precisely exactly the identical moment, it also includes a lot of special capabilities that you can not find in Google’s very personal alternative.

By way of instance, the head-up screen support permits drivers to acquire navigation in a more suitable way, all with their Huawei cellular apparatus using Petal Maps for instructions.

The fantastic news is that the Chinese technology behemoth is operating nonstop on polishing the encounter using Petal Maps and this also makes perfect sense as the business would like to permit the change from Google Maps as easily as possible.

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The latest update, which provides the program to version 1.7, contains new alternatives to keep browsing when using different programs, so in theory, you also ought to be offered instructions even if you’ve switched to another display. Remember, however. This can be a large no-no when driving, so only do not touch your telephone when you are in movement and socialize with all the navigation programs hands-free.

Additionally, Huawei has introduced support for reviewing and rating locations within the map, in addition to a new feature that permits users to create hotel bookings while surfing the map. To put it differently, Petal Maps provides a simpler experience for evaluating places and reserving lodging, as everything could be accomplished right on the map once you research a specific place.

Petal Maps is also Huawei’s response to some problems that greatly impacted its mobile company. The business was prohibited from the U.S. government back from mid-2019, consequently not being permitted to use American companies and utilize their merchandise, such as here Android along with Google services.

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Huawei has started the work on its own choices to Google providers, such as Google Maps, and using Petal Maps designed to supply users with easy navigation when using a cell device made by the Chinese business.