HTC’s new Vive Wrist Tracker enhances VR immersion

HTC's new Vive Wrist Tracker enhances VR immersion

HTC is preparing to increase the list of Vive Focus 3 add-ons, beginning with the new Vive Wrist Tracker. The Vive Wrist Tracker is designed to operate with the Vive Focus 3’s inside-out tracking and provides one-button pairing for easier connectivity. The tracker is also 85 percent smaller and 50 percent lighter than the Vive Focus 3 controller, according to HTC.

The fact that the Vive Wrist Tracker isn’t just attached to your wrist is part of what makes it so cool. You’ll also be able to link the tracker to other objects in the virtual world, such as toy weapons, wrenches, and whatever else you desire. It’s a clever notion that should help you make your VR experiences even more lifelike by allowing you to interact with real-world objects.

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The Wrist Track, according to HTC, will be able to predict motions even when the headset cannot see them. It will also correctly track your arm’s location when you bend your elbow and more while being worn on your wrist.

6 degrees of freedom for more immersive movements

The HTC Wrist Tracker will allow you to drag 3 degrees of freedom (DoF) gadgets into 6 degrees of freedom (DoF) and provide more immersive ways to integrate objects into VR experiences. The user can only interact with the object using joysticks or other interactive controllers when it has 3 degrees of freedom. However, with 6 degrees of freedom, the user can interact directly with the item and track it in 3D environments.

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HTC’s Wrist Tracker will allow users to track small things more precisely, such as a ping pong paddle or a wrench. This provides for a deeper level of immersion in specific environments. Unfortunately, you’ll need an optional add-on to connect the tracker to those gadgets, but HTC says it’ll release a 3D CAD for anyone who wants to make their docks or harnesses. The Vive Wrist Track will be released in early 2022 and will cost $129.

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