HP Error 49.38 07

HP Error 49.38 07

Here we can see “HP Error 49.38 07”

HP Printer error 49.38.07

Hp is the prime leader in manufacturing a good range of hardware and software products like laptops, desktops, printers, and accessories of the pc. the various model of the HP printer is out there that fulfills the wants of an individual. No, doubt it’s a technical device, if you face any issue while using it, it’s very normal. While using the device, it shows you Hp Printer error 49.38.07 on the digital panel. it’s better to require the simplest assistance from the technical experts. So, during this blog, we’ve covered all the steps through which you’ll easily fix the Hp printer error 49.38.07.

Why HP Printer errors 49.38.07 appear on the Digital Panel?

When the message of 49.38.07 gets appeared on the screen, it means there’s an error within the Printer’s firmware. It can happen thanks to anything; there’s no fixed reason behind it. But we tried to seek out the rationale is that when the Printer is asked to perform the task that the Printer’s firmware isn’t capable of trying to or it’s not designed to perform like:

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Want to print the files with the unsupported programming commands

The unique combination of the user interactions and user environment with the Printer
When you use the third-party solution, this error will also appear because it’s not meant to repair the error.

These are basic causes through which this error appears on the panel. you’ll get immediate service from the technical support team, who are always available to assist you out once you are in trouble.


Do you own an HP printer? HP printers are renowned for his or her well-established name and aren’t only affordable but also impart highly efficient printing. But as machines are sure to error, what to try to do if an error code 49.38.07 displays on the screen of your HP printer? This error code usually denotes anyone out of those four issues, namely:

  • Printing those documents that have unsupported programming commands.
  • Involving a third-party solution that wasn’t meant for the printing function.
  • An undesirable combination of the user environment and, therefore, the user’s interactions with the device.
  • A particular timing.
  • Now on the way to fix HP printer error 49.38.07, you would like to closely follow the given
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methods and steps mentioned so that you’ll enjoy unlimited printing:

Method 1: Updating the firmware version

This issue generally gets resolved using this method because the version of the firmware had become outdated and wished an update, which may be easily done using Web Jetadmin.

  • Connect the client machine with the web and begin the online Jetadmin
  • Download the specified updated firmware, import the pictures to WJA. to try to import, browse the Device management section located on the left panel, click on the firmware, choose the repository option, click on CTRL, then choose the Printer you would like to update. The ‘Next’ option will appear. Click thereon, tick the checkbox to import the firmware images. Click on Done, and this command will download the firmware. Once this is often done, click on next to import the version into the WJA repository.
  • Since the firmware has been deposited within the WJA, you’ll use an equivalent to update all the printers connected with the client machine.
  • What to try to do if you’ve got multiple printers attached?
  • Go to Device Management, click on all devices and choose the printers you would like to be updated.
  • Towards rock bottom half the screen, a tab called Firmware Tab is going to be visible.
  • Press CTRL + and click on all printers you would like to be updated. Click on the update option.
  • Reboot the printers and check whether the matter has been solved or not.
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Method 2: Take the assistance of the HP technical support

  • At HP, every care is taken to ensure that each technical problem of the purchasers are solved without much hassle. The technical team of HP comprises only the simplest.
  • Therefore, if the primary method fails somehow, then you’ll choose the other.
  • You can approach the customer care service either through calls or email queries. They need multiple phone lines, so you’d not need to wait an extended time online to urge your query answered.
  • There is also a live chat platform, where you’ll chat with the agent and obtain your problem corrected instantly.

Using these methods will surely skill repair HP printer error 49.38.07, and you’ll again perform effortless printing without facing any errors in printing pages.