How You Can Test Out the New Edge Workspaces Feature

How You Can Test Out the New Edge Workspaces Feature

Here we can see, “How You Can Test Out the New Edge Workspaces Feature”

  • Microsoft Edge is exploring a new feature called Workspaces to see if it can improve even more.
  • Users can utilize the Workspace functionality to organize better and manage their tabs.
  • At this time, you can manually test the functionality by following the procedures outlined below.
  • Even for people who aren’t Edge Insiders, the new Workspace feature is straightforward to find.

Microsoft’s recent enhancements to improve Edge’s multitasking experience have gained in popularity and have been well received by users.

For example, many customers on the Microsoft website and social media channels have urged that the recent update on vertical tabs make it easier for users who work with ultrawide monitors to use the screen space.

It’s evident that Microsoft is considering and emphasizing improving the user experience, as evidenced by the new Workspace feature that is now being tested.

Although just a few people have access to this feature because it is still in beta, its concept is to give users more control over their tabs by allowing them to form tab groups and arrange them while they are open.

That sounds about correct because having too many tabs open is a problem that many people have, especially while working on many projects, and there has yet to be a concrete and satisfactory solution.

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How can you get started with Microsoft Edge Workspace?

You can manually enable and test this feature, even though it isn’t live yet and is still being tested with a small group of Insiders.

You activate the Workspace function, make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Edge Canary is available for download and installation.
  2. First, locate and right-click the Edge Canary shortcut on your desktop.
  3. Enter the following code in the target field, leaving one space between them:
    • –enable-features=msWorkspaces
  4. After that, click OK and relaunch the browser.

Let’s look at how you can use the testing environment now that you’ve downloaded it and enabled the workspace feature.

The first step is to select the accessible icon located next to the vertical tabs. The next step is to select Create New Workspace from the drop-down menu and give the workspace a name.

When you select Create New Workspace, you will be able to personalize it by giving it a name and a colour. Given that you’ve created multiple workspaces, this is a practical choice.

You can create as many workspaces as you want, and when you click on one of them, it will appear in a new window, side by side. Furthermore, the same Vertical tab features will apply to each Workspace you’ve created, allowing you to organize your work better.

Each time you click on your newly formed Workspace, a new window will pop up, allowing you to move between projects from the workspace panel quickly.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions:

1. In Edge, how do I enable workspaces?

  1. Workspaces must be enabled in Microsoft Edge.
  2. Right-click the Microsoft Edge shortcut on your computer’s desktop, for example.
  3. From the context menu, choose Properties.
  4. After the msedge.exe portion in the Target box, add —enable-features=msWorkspaces.
  5. Select OK and then Apply.
  6. If Edge is already open, close it and relaunch it with the new shortcut.

2. What is the procedure for gaining access to the Edge experiment?

Using the Microsoft Edge Canary channel, you can obtain the most up-to-date experimental features. See the Settings > Experiments tab in DevTools to see the entire list of experiments available in your version of Microsoft Edge.

3. Is there a workplace in Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft is always upgrading its Edge browser, and a new feature dubbed “Workspaces” is now available. The Edge Workspaces, like the tab groups feature in Google Chrome, were created to make tab management easier. A workspace can now be created from a collection of tabs that have been opened for a specific job.

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4. Does someone know what happened to the workspaces

Does someone know what happened to the workspaces feature they were planning to release? Haven’t seen any news for a while. from edge


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