How waterproof is the Apple AirTag (Video)

How waterproof is the Apple AirTag (Video)

The newest Apple AirTag was made to be water-resistant, so the gadget includes an IP67 rating, which usually means it may be submerged into a tube of water for as much as half an hour.

The movie below in Zollotech test the waterproofing out on the brand new AirTag. Let’s figure out just how well it will result in the evaluation.

Since we could see in the movie the following 30 minutes underwater that the AirTag seems to be functioning OK, and there was no water within the gadget.

The apparatus was hard to find under the water, and it didn’t appear to locate my program though that the iPhone was near this gadget. So, therefore, if you shed your AirTag in warm water, then it might endure under the water, but you might not be able to find it.

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Source & Picture Charge: Zollotech