How to Transfer Data from Iphone to Iphone


Transfer Content – iPhone to iPhone – Apple iCloud

Before finishing the steps below, confirm:

  • Both devices possess Wi-Fi empowerment.
  • Both devices will be in working order.
  • Both devices have to have the same iOS variant.
  • Enough storage area on your Apple® iCloud® accounts to permit uploading each of the planned content to be moved.

Note: Follow the following steps to revive your articles (e.g.contacts, pictures, songs, etc.) out of the old Apple iPhone® for an Apple iPhone. In case you’ve already backed up your older iPhone, jump to step 9.

1.From the older iPhone’s Home screen, tap the Settings Settings icon.

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2.Tap the Apple profile (e.g., John Doe) at the Peak of the Preferences menu)

3.Tap iCloud.

  • Notice When prompted, then go to the Apple ID and password, then exploit Sign In.
  • Note In case you forgot your password, then follow these step-by-step directions.

4.Tap the button (es) to flip copies for Certain programs (e.g., Messenger, Emails, etc.) on

5.On Switch or off Off Switch

Notice: Once the switch is switched off, the information isn’t backed up, and some other information backed up to iCloud is eliminated.

6.If prompted, choose among these:

  • Continue on My iPhone.
  • Delete in My iPhone

7.Make sure the iCloud Backup change is switched on On Change.

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8.Tap Up Today to instantly remove or add info from iCloud.

Note: A display with a progress bar shows until the copy is finished.

9.From the new iPhone, through the first setup, tap Restore out of iCloud Backup.

Notice: If you’ve completed the first installment in your iPhone, erase all of the settings and content.

10.Input your Apple ID and password, then tap on Next.

Notice: A confirmation code is delivered to the unit using all the Apple ID in usage; you must enter this code to continue with the restore.

11.To keep, examine the stipulations, then tap on Agree.

12.Tap the chosen backup file in the list shown.

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13.Tap Proceed to restore configurations from iCloud copy and follow onscreen prompts.

Note: A display with a progress bar shows until the restore finishes. Time to renew material is dependent upon the number of information being moved.

Note: When any material is missing in your iPhone, have a look at this Apple service page.