How to Transfer Data from Iphone to Iphone


Transfer Content – iPhone to iPhone – Apple iCloud

Before finishing the steps below, confirm:

  • Both devices possess Wi-Fi empowerment.
  • Both devices will be in working order.
  • Both devices have to have the same iOS variant.
  • Enough storage area on your Apple® iCloud® accounts to permit uploading each of the planned content to be moved.

Note: Follow the following steps to revive your articles (e.g.contacts, pictures, songs, etc.) out of the old Apple iPhone® for an Apple iPhone. In case you’ve already backed up your older iPhone, jump to step 9.

1.From the older iPhone’s Home screen, tap the Settings Settings icon.

2.Tap the Apple profile (e.g., John Doe) at the Peak of the Preferences menu)

3.Tap iCloud.

  • Notice When prompted, then go to the Apple ID and password, then exploit Sign In.
  • Note In case you forgot your password, then follow these step-by-step directions.

4.Tap the button (es) to flip copies for Certain programs (e.g., Messenger, Emails, etc.) on

5.On Switch or off Off Switch

Notice: Once the switch is switched off, the information isn’t backed up, and some other information backed up to iCloud is eliminated.

6.If prompted, choose among these:

  • Continue on My iPhone.
  • Delete in My iPhone

7.Make sure the iCloud Backup change is switched on On Change.

8.Tap Up Today to instantly remove or add info from iCloud.

Note: A display with a progress bar shows until the copy is finished.

9.From the new iPhone, through the first setup, tap Restore out of iCloud Backup.

Notice: If you’ve completed the first installment in your iPhone, erase all of the settings and content.

10.Input your Apple ID and password, then tap on Next.

Notice: A confirmation code is delivered to the unit using all the Apple ID in usage; you must enter this code to continue with the restore.

11.To keep, examine the stipulations, then tap on Agree.

12.Tap the chosen backup file in the list shown.

13.Tap Proceed to restore configurations from iCloud copy and follow onscreen prompts.

Note: A display with a progress bar shows until the restore finishes. Time to renew material is dependent upon the number of information being moved.

Note: When any material is missing in your iPhone, have a look at this Apple service page.