How to Set Up an Out of Office Reply in Windows 10 Mail

How to Set Up an Out of Office Reply in Windows 10 Mail

Here we can see, “How to Set Up an Out of Office Reply in Windows 10 Mail”

Suppose you’ll be away from the office for a long. In that case, you can set Mail in Windows 10 to automatically reply to any emails you receive, letting people know that you won’t be reading or responding to them during that period.

Automatic replies in Mail are currently only available for,, Hotmail, and Office 365 users.

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  • Click the gear icon in the lower-left corner of the window to set up an out-of-office reply for one of those accounts in Mail.
  • On the right-hand side of the Settings window, click “Automatic Replies.”
  • From the “Select an account” dropdown, choose the account you want to send automatic replies to.
  • Click the “Send Automated Replies” slider button until it turns dark grey and reads On to enable automatic replies for the selected account. Type the message you want to send as an automatic reply in the area below the slider button. Check the “Send replies only to my contacts” box if you only want the reply to the go-to persons on your contact list. In Mail, you can set up automated answers for all compatible accounts, but you must manually do so for each one.
  • To close the right pane, click anywhere to the left of it.
  • When someone sends you an email, the reply you set up will be sent to them automatically.
  • While the automated reply is active, you will continue to receive email messages. When automatic replies are enabled for the currently selected email account, a message banner appears at the top of the Mail window. Click the “Turn off” button on the right side of the message banner to turn off automatic replies for the current account. If you’re not ready to turn off automatic replies, you can click “Dismiss” to hide the banner for the current session (until you close and re-open Mail). When you open Mail again, the banner will appear.
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Because there is no way to select a date range for automatic replies in Mail, remember to switch them off using the banner at the top of the window or the Automatic Replies screen in the Settings.


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User Questions:

  1. How do I set up an automatic response in Outlook for Windows 10?

Select File > Automatic Replies from the dropdown menu. Note: If the Automatic Replies option isn’t visible, follow the rules to send an out-of-office message. Select the option to send automated replies. Only send during this time range if you don’t want the messages to go out immediately away.

  1. How do I find the File button in Outlook?

Click the “Files” icon in the bottom-left corner of Outlook to open this view. It will be between the “People” and “To-Do” icons by default.

  1. In Windows, where is the File tab?

Every ribbon has a File tab located along the left border. You may use this tab to launch new windows, go back to any of your favorite destinations, and delete your exploration history. You’ll see that the Home tab provides formatting options for any project you’re working on.

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