How to Right Click on Chromebook


While Chromebooks do not possess a separate click button onto the touchpad, which does not indicate the function is not offered. If you have to right-click something, you’ll find two or three approaches to do this without needing to plug it into a mouse.

Right-Click Using Two Fingers

The easiest method of right-clicking to a Chromebook would be to click on the touchpad with two palms. Just like this, a right-click context menu may appear.

But it is possible to take that simplicity one step further by allowing the “Tap-to-click” attribute.

  1. First, click on the clock to open the program menu and tell the tray; click the Preferences icon.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and then click on “Advanced.”
  3. Scroll just a bit farther until you find the “Device” section. Click “Touchpad.”
  4. From the touchpad settings, then click on “Permit tap-to-click” into the onscreen position.
  5. Now you want to tap on equal palms from the touchpad to carry out a right-click, minus needing to reinstall it entirely.
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Right-Click Using a Keyboard Modifier

You might even implement a right-click from pressing the Alt key on your computer keyboard to alter the behavior of a routine click the touchpad. Hold down “Alt” on your computer keyboard, click on the touchpad. That is it. You merely do a “right-click” onto a Chromebook. Furthermore, if you allowed “Tap-to-click” in the former section, it is possible to hold Alt and tap everywhere over the touchpad.

Though Chromebooks do not have an ideal button on your touchpad, there are still ways in which you can finish a right-click to get the context menu that it conceals.

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