How to: Reset Windows 7 Password without any Software or Bootable USB/CD/DVD media

How to: Reset Windows 7 Password without any Software or Bootable USB/CD/DVD media

Here we can see, “How to: Reset Windows 7 Password without any Software or Bootable USB/CD/DVD media”

Hi everyone. In this content, I’m going to show you how to reset an end-user or admin password in Windows 7 with your bare hands without any software or bootable USB DVD. Whatever, just follow my instructions and I’ll try to explain as clearly as possible. The main idea behind this trick is that our task here is to run a command prompt and then reset the password to run the command prompt at the login screen. We have to change that function to the “ease of access” button. When you press this button, it runs an application that is located on the C drive, Windows system32. Here it is, you old man,.exe.

Basically, if you move into this folder any executable file named “Man,” you tell him, “Man, this button will run that application at the login screen, and here’s cmd.exe, which is a command prompt.” So the main idea is simply to rename CMD to Tillman. So let’s do it. First of all, we have to perform an unexpected system shutdown. Press the power button to turn on your PC, and when you see the Windows logo, hold the power button down until the PC shuts down. Now, let it boot normally, then click Launch Startup Repair and let it do its job. If you see this message, you will get this message that startup repair cannot repair this computer.

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Message: Do you want to restore your computer? Click Cancel, and wait until you get this error message. Okay, click on view, problem details, and then scroll down next. Click the Privacy statement link and this is the moment where the magic begins. Go to the file menu and click open. Drop down the list and select all files.

Now using this Explorer window you can get access to all files so you can easily copy move delete or rename files, you can also transfer your data from PC to USB flash drive in search of flash drive. Right-click inside the Explorer window and click “refresh.”

You’ve probably noticed that the drive letters are different here. Your C drive will be D. Anyway, the drive letter doesn’t matter. Just find a proper Windows folder. There are three of them, and only one has the Tillman file. So if you can’t find your Tilman in the system32 folder, you’re on the wrong drive. So go to the following location:

First, we have to rename you, man, just add.

CMD to you, symbol to the name next to the name.

And finally, close all windows and restart.

Click our magic button. And here’s the Almighty’s command prompt. If I type, whom do I command? As you can see, we are under a system account. It’s the most powerful account in Windows. All right. First, I have to list all the available user types, net space, and users and press enter. Then type net space, user account name. In my case, HP, if your account is locked

If your name consists of multiple words or is not made up of English letters, then you have to put the name in quotation marks.

Enter the space asterisk and press enter.If you simply want to reset the password, Just press the enter key twice or type in your password, and then retype it to confirm it. For security reasons, when you type the password, it doesn’t show up. Now we can close the command prompt window and try to log in. As you can see, it works, and it also works for Windows 8 and 10, but requires a bootable USB or DVD to rename those files. I’d also recommend renaming CMD and you

Tillman is back to its normal name. You already know how to do it.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions:

1. Without a password or a CD, how can I restore Windows 7 to factory settings?

  1. Restart your laptop or computer.
  2. Press Enter after selecting the Repair Your Computer option.
  3. When you click System Restore in the System Recovery Options window, it will check the data on your Restore Partition and factory reset your laptop without a password.

2. If I forget my password, how can I enter into Windows 7?

  1. Reset passwords can be found on the login screen.
  2. Connect your USB flash drive (or floppy disk). Next should be selected.
  3. Fill in your new password as well as a clue. Next should be selected.
  4. Done!

3. Is it possible to reset a laptop without knowing the password?

If you don’t know the administrator password for a Windows PC, you may easily restore factory settings from the login screen. You’ll find options to adjust your network settings, access Windows accessibility options, or power down your PC at the bottom-right corner of the login screen.

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