How to reset Apple Watch Series 3 to install new watchOS updates

How to reset Apple Watch Series 3 to install new watchOS updates

Most Apple Watch Series 3 owners cannot upgrade to the most recent watchOS release since their device does not have sufficient storage space. However, Apple says there’s a means to go around this matter.

The remedy would be to reset your Apple Watch, wiping off all settings and data before upgrading. We are going to explain how.

The issue has been alerting owners of Apple Watch 3 GPS versions particularly. It is because the apparatus, unlike its mobile siblings or even more recent Watch versions, has only 8GB of storage rather than 16GB.

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After you try to put in a watchOS seven upgrade, you are greeted by an error that informs that you don’t have sufficient storage area — even if you eliminate all installed programs and whatever else may be deleted.

However, there’s a workaround, Apple states. In iOS 14.6, you will be prompted to reset your Apple Watch Series 3 before upgrading it.

How to reset Apple Watch Series 3

First, you ought to reset your Apple Watch Series 3 to eliminate all information, then put in the upgrade. You may then restore from a backup should you want or start from scratch. Begin by following these steps:

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  1. Open the Watch program in your own iPhone, making sure that your Apple Watch is still local.
  2. Within the My Watch tab, then tap at the Peak of the display.
  3. Tap the button near your Watch.
  4. Tap Unpair Apple Watch. Tap again to support. Then, choose to maintain your mobile plan when you’ve got a GPS + Mobile device.

You’ll have to input your Apple ID password disable Activation Lock, and fill out the unpairing procedure. Before your information is flashed, a new backup is made, and you can use this to revive Apple Watch after.

Updating Apple Watch Series 3

Once Apple Watch has completed unpairing, it will restart, and you can place this up again. It would help if you placed it “as new” the first time — before some information has been restored — so you could then upgrade the gadget.

To set up the Most Recent watchOS upgrade, follow these measures:

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  • But, first, open the Watch program on your own iPhone.
  • Beneath the My Watch tab, then tap General.
  • Tap Software Update.

Your Own Apple Watch Series 3 must now upgrade with no mistakes.

Restoring from backup

If the newest watchOS upgrade is set up, you are interested in restoring your own Apple Watch information. First, you will want to replicate the steps above to reset your device to eliminate all data automatically. After that, you can opt to restore from the most recent backup instead of establishing “as new.”

It is a long-winded procedure, but, regrettably, it is the only opinion to upgrade Apple Watch Series 3 to now. Considering the complications, we would not be shocked when Apple’s next-generation watchOS 8 upgrade drops service for Series 3 apparatus altogether until they’re finally ceased.

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