How to Link Iphone Photos to Surface Pro 2-in-1 Laptops

How to Link Iphone Photos to Surface Pro 2-in-1 Laptops

Here we can see, “How to Link Iphone Photos to Surface Pro 2-in-1 Laptops”

Many iPhone owners prefer to transfer their images from their mobile cameras to gadgets with better and larger displays. With a 2,736 x 1,824 resolution VDU, the Surface Pro 6 is undoubtedly a good 2-in-1 laptop/tablet for displaying photos. Users can sync iPhone images with Surface Pro computers almost as easily as they can with Apple iPads, even though they are Microsoft laptops. By syncing iPhones with Microsoft Surface Pros, customers may access all their iPhone images on Windows without transferring them manually. Connecting photos accomplish this via cloud storage.

Users will need an Apple or Microsoft account to sync their iPhone photos via iCloud or OneDrive. IPhone users almost universally use Apple accounts, but anyone without one can create one at the Apple ID setup website. Some Surface Pro users might need to create an MS account at the Microsoft account setup website, even though a Microsoft account isn’t quite as necessary for Windows 10 at this time.

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How can Users Link Their iPhone Photos With Surface Pros?

1. Sync iPhone Photos With Surface Pro via iCloud for Windows

    1. To save that program’s installation procedure, click the Download icon on the iCloud for Windows page. Be aware that Windows 10 S mode does not support the iCloud program.
    2. Utilize the software’s installer to add iCloud to Windows 10.
    3. Before running the iCloud app, restart Windows 10.
    4. If you are not, then immediately prompted to sign in with your Apple ID, launch iCloud for Windows. Then use an Apple ID to sign in to iCloud.
    5. Then, in the iCloud window immediately below, check the Photos checkbox.
    6. Next to Photos, select the Options option.
    7. By choosing My Photo Stream, all recently taken iPhone pictures will be synced with the Surface Pro.
    8. On the Photos Options window, click Done.
    9. Activate the Apply button.
    10. When iCloud synchronization is enabled, launch File Explorer by pressing Windows key + E.
    11. Users may look at the photos on their iPhones by selecting This PC and launching the iCloud Photos folder in File Explorer.

2. Sync iPhone Photos With Surface Pro via OneDrive

    1. As an alternative, customers can use Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage to connect the photos on their iPhones with Surface Pros. First, use a Surface Pro to log into a Microsoft account.
    2. The iPhone that will sync with the Surface Pro should then be turned on.
    3. Install the iPhone’s Microsoft OneDrive app.
    4. Next, launch the OneDrive app on your iPhone and sign in using the same Microsoft account that you used to access your Surface Pro.
    5. After that, the app will ask users if they want to automatically upload their iPhone pictures when they log into OneDrive for the first time. To enable automatic photo uploading to OneDrive, select Start Camera Upload.
    6. Users can also touch Me, Settings, and the Camera Upload option to enable automatic photo uploading.
    7. Open File Explorer on the Surface Pro after that.
    8. On the left side of File Explorer, click the OneDrive folder.
    9. To view images taken on the iPhone, select Pictures and Camera Roll in the OneDrive folder.


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