How to install Microsoft Edge on a Mac


Edge’s newest Chromium edition is now on macOS, however not at the App Store: here is how to set up Microsoft Edge onto a Mac.

  1. Open this webpage and click on Download below the construct of your own choice:
  2. Click on Accept and then download.
  3. Open the downloaded bundle.
  4. Click on Continue. Your model number will vary.
  5. Click on Install.
  6. Put in your password and click on Install Software.
  7. Click on Close.
  8. Click Proceed to Trash. You do not require that installer, do you?
  9. You can now browse all of the websites you desire, such as state our sister website, Tom’s Guide.
  10. Click the tiny blue window and shield to start Microsoft Defender. There, you will have the ability to disable and re-enable Microsoft’s net activity tracking that attempts to shelter you from launching malicious websites.
  11. Click the Profile icon to log in to your Microsoft account.
  12. Click on Sign In to log in to your Microsoft account.
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Now, remember that “CAN” signifies that this is a Canary — essentially a pre-beta beta variant that is updated every day — a variant of Edge so that there would be bugs to take care of. It is not appropriate for every user, but you are not every consumer; you are a power user!