How to Insert a PDF Into Excel

How to Insert a PDF Into Excel

Here we can see, “How to Insert a PDF Into Excel”

  • Open the Excel Spreadsheet that you desire to embed the PDF file. This step applies to all or any other file formats of Microsoft Office.
  • Next, click on the “Insert” tab on the left section of the Ribbon Menu.
  • On the Far Right, locate the Text group command and choose Object.
  • Once Dialogue Box appears, click on “Create New” and choose Adobe Acrobat Document from the given list.
  • Click OK. Your selected pdf’s first page appears on the Excel workbook. 
  • However, if you favor the PDF content to be invisible, select the “Display as icon” checkbox. Please note that this method doesn’t insert the primary page only. Instead, it embeds the entire Object, including multiple PDF pages.
  • Finally, select the Pdf file you simply want to insert from the menu and click on OK. The document appears as an icon that you can drag to your preferred position within the spreadsheet. 
  • To insert more pdf files into your spreadsheet, repeat an equivalent process.

How to Insert PDF into Excel – from Excel as an Object

The quickest thanks to inserting PDF files into Excel sheets is via the software itself.

  1. Open the Excel document that you wish to insert a PDF file into
  2. Click ‘Insert’ > Object… > From File
  3. Locate the PDF and click on ‘OK.’
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How to Insert PDF into Excel – from Excel as a Picture

  1. Similar to the last step, have the Excel file open.
  2. This time, click ‘Insert’ > Picture > Picture from File…
  3. Locate and double-click on the PDF you would like to insert into Excel.

Voila, inserting content from a PDF file into an Excel sheet couldn’t get any easier than this. Similarly, you’ll also choose other file formats to put inside your Excel files, like images.

How to Insert Pdf file into Excel using “Link to File” Option

  1. Open your preferred spreadsheet.
  2. Click the workbook cell that you want to insert the thing 
  3. Next, On the “Insert” tab, click on “Object” within the Text group.
  4. Click “Create from File” on the thing dialogue box.
  5. Select the “Link to File” checkbox.
  6. (Optional) Select the “Display as Icon” checkbox to secure the content of your PDF.
  7. After that, click on Browse, select the PDF File to be linked and click on Insert.
  8. Finally, click on “OK.” The PDF document appears as an icon on the Excel Workbook. 

How to Insert PDF into Excel 2013

How to Adjust the Inserted PDF file in Excel 2013

  • Right Click on the PDF file you’ve got inserted
  • Click the “Format Object” option on the menu 
  • Next, the “Format Object” dialogue window opens. Click on “Properties” 
  • Select the ‘Move and Size with Cells” from the given options
  • Click OK to adjust the file to your preference

How to Review your image in Excel 2013

  • Right-click the image on the Excel workbook and choose “Acrobat Document Object.”
  • Click “Open.” The PDF document opens during a different Adobe Window.
  • Next, click on “Save” on the fast Access Toolbar and save any changes
  • The attached PDF appears as an attachment on your Excel Spreadsheet

 How to Rename the inserted PDF 2013

  • Right-click on the PDF file on your Excel Workbook.
  • Click “Acrobat Document Object” on the menu and choose “Convert.”
  • Check the “Display as Icon” box and click on on the “Change Icon.”
  • A Change Icon panel appears. Within the Caption field, type the specified name of the PDF file to fit your preference. 
  • Click OK to save the required changes.
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When to insert pdf into Excel

You’re probably wondering what use is PDF when it involves Excel. PDF is here to remain because it’s easy to look at and share. What’s more, it maintains the Format of the document. This guide lists several ideal situations that you may embed PDF into excel.

  • Preparing a report: the first use of Excel is making tables or charts that need less text on the Excel Workbook. If you’re making a lengthy report that needs numbers and extra information, attaching a separate pdf explains your document intimately rather than writing on the Excel worksheet. 
  • Having all sources in one document: once you are tasked with writing a lengthy report, it knows you have all the required references in one document. That way, you save time because you would like not to minimize your excel workbook when checking out sources elsewhere.
  • Creating Product Catalogs: Inserting a pdf into excel when making a product catalog allows you to feature more merchandise details. 
  • When presenting the whole worksheet: it’s easy to copy-paste a neighborhood of the PDF file into an Excel workbook. However, when an entire workbook is required, you’ve got to insert the PDF file into Excel, including copies of scanned receipts.
  • Focusing on crucial information: Inserting a pdf file allows you to focus only on the essential information on the Excel Worksheet. You’ll ask for any additional comments or information within the embedded PDF file when needed.

User Questions:

  1. Can you insert a PDF attachment into Excel?

In the Excel file, head over to the “Insert” tab, then click the “Object” button. … Browse to the situation of your file, select the file, then click “Open.” Back at the “Object” window, you will see the file path of your PDF. You would like to inform Excel how you would like the file to seem within the spreadsheet.

  1. What is the View tab?

The View tab enables you to modify between Normal or Master Page and Single Page or Two-Page Spread views. This tab also gives you control over showing boundaries, guides, rulers, and other layout tools, zooming the dimensions of your view of the publication, and managing Publisher windows you’ve got open.

  1. Where is that the Format tab in Word 2020?

Go to Format> Tabs. You’ll see all commands of the Format tab from the menu, like Font, Text Effect, Paragraph, Watermark, Text Direction, Change Style, etc. you’ll also use it to match formatting in Word.

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  1. Is there any thanks for taking a pdf and convey it into excel?

Is there any way to take a pdf and bring it into excel? from excel

  1. Embed PDF file into excel -> Convert excel file to PDF with the embedded file still clickable

Embed PDF file into excel -> Convert excel file to PDF with embedded file still clickable from excel