How to: Fix Msvcr110.dll Is Missing on Windows 10

How to: Fix Msvcr110.dll Is Missing on Windows 10

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Msvcr110.dll Is Missing on Windows 10”

  • What if msvcr110.dll is missing in Windows 10? If this is the case, you won’t be able to execute any Visual Studio 2012 apps.
  • Updating your operating system is a quick fix, but more troubleshooting may be required.
  • Because MSVCR110 is a Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable dll, you should try reinstalling it and fixing other performance problems while you’re at it.
  • Malicious software could be blamed for the missing msvcr DLL in Windows 10, but the correct antivirus software can help.

As its name suggests, MSVCR110.dll is a Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable DLL. Any program created with Visual Studio 2011/2012 requires this DLL file to run.

If this file is missing, Windows will display the following message: The program can’t start because MSVCR110.dll is missing from your computer, the program can’t start. To resolve this issue, try reinstalling the software.

While downloading the DLL file may seem like the most straightforward method, you must be cautious about where you get it.

Also, this may or may not fix the msvcr110.dll not found in Windows 10 problem. However, the solutions listed below will suffice.

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On Windows 10, how can I fix Msvcr110.dll errors?

1. Use a third-party DLL repair tool

There are numerous third-party tools available that claim to be able to repair or replace missing or corrupted DLLs.

While most of them keep their promises, some are better qualified than others to assist you in resolving the msvcr110.dll not found in the Windows 10 problem.

2. Reinstall Visual Studio 2012’s Visual C++ Redistributable

  1. Go to Programs and Features in the Control Panel.
  2. Select Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio and click Uninstall on the top of the window.
  3. Go to this site to get the most recent version of Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio.
  4. After the download is complete, open the setup file and complete the installation by following the on-screen directions.

This is almost probably going to fix the problem. The newest copy of msvcr110.dll will be replaced/restored by the fresh installation. Move on to the next solution if this doesn’t address your problem.

3. Get msvcr110.dll and install it

  1. Open this link to download and install msvcr110.dll.
  2. Then scroll down to the version list and select the one corresponding to your operating system.
  3. Once the download is complete, right-click on msvcr110.dll and select copy from the context menu.
  4. Now go to your computer’s System32 folder (Local Disk>Windows>System32) and paste the file there.
  5. Paste msvcr110.dll into the SysWOW64 folder (Local Disk>Windows>SysWOW64).
  6. Now go ahead and execute the software.

Hopefully, this has solved the problem. If that doesn’t work, try the next option.

4. Locate msvcr110.dll in the Recycle Bin and restore it

The most typical cause of the msvcr DLL missing in Windows 10 problem is when a user deletes the file by unintentionally.

There’s a strong possibility the file is still in the recycle bin unless you recently emptied it.

Simply locate the msvcr110.dll file in the Recycle Bin. Restore it by right-clicking on it. This should take care of your problem.

5. Uninstall the program that is causing the msvcr110.dll issue and reinstall it

If you get the msvcr110.dll error every time you use a specific program, consider reinstalling it.

Go to Programs and Features in the Control Panel. Uninstall the program by selecting it and clicking the uninstall button. To finish the process, follow the on-screen directions.

6. Scan your entire system for viruses and malware

  1. To start Windows Defender, go to Start, type defender, then double-click it.
  2. Select the shield icon in the left-hand pane.
  3. Select the Advanced scan option in the new window.
  4. To run an entire system malware scan, select the Full scan option.

Of course, you can use any anti-virus program you choose (and we advocate this choice). Hopefully, this will reveal the source of the problem and allow you to resolve it.

There are a lot of good security products out there, but the best are Bitdefender, BullGuard, and Panda Antivirus, so test any of them out.

Run a fast scan of your system to ensure there isn’t any malware on your system causing the msvcr110.dll error. Malware is frequently to blame for the deletion of DLL files.

7. To undo recent system modifications, use System Restore

  1. To find System Restore, go to Start and type it into the search box.
  2. From the search results, choose System Restore.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions in the newly opened window.

The process of restoring the system will immediately begin. Restart your computer after the process is finished. This will almost certainly resolve the issue.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions:

1. What should I do if the msvcr110 dll is missing?

  1. MSVCR110.dll must be installed.
  2. The Visual C++ Redistributable Packages must be reinstalled.
  3. Install the software again.
  4. Perform a virus scan on your computer.
  5. The file should be copied from a reliable source.
  6. Bonus Suggestion

2. What can I do if DLL files are missing in Windows 10?

  1. Use a third-party DLL repair tool.
  2. DISM should be run.
  3. DirectX must be installed.
  4. Visual C++ Redistributables should be reinstalled.
  5. Disable or uninstall your antivirus software.
  6. Upgrade your system while it’s still running.

3. What is the location of the msvcr110 dll in Windows?

The msvcr110. dll file is normally found in the C:WindowsSystem32 folder and is a required file for your computer’s Visual C++.

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