How to: Fix Microsoft Project Won’t Open Corrupted File

How to: Fix Microsoft Project Won’t Open Corrupted File

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Microsoft Project Won’t Open Corrupted File”

  • When Microsoft Project cannot access a file because it is corrupted, you can use one of our strong recovery tools to get the job done.
  • Depending on your situation, you may need to troubleshoot the system, but don’t worry; our post will walk you through every step.
  • When Microsoft Project doesn’t open a specific file, use an Adobe tool or one of our solutions to handle the problem like a pro.
  • Discover how to recover data from various formats by following our fantastic step-by-step guide.

What is the best way to fix Microsoft Project files?

1. Download and install Adobe Acrobat DC Pro

Few people know that Microsoft Project-specific MPP files are included in Adobe Acrobat Reader’s extensive list of supported file types.

If Microsoft Project cannot access the file for whatever reason, the next best option is to use this familiar and yet effective tool.

You may also convert various files and share your work with others to get annotations from your partners with this clever software.

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The signature tool in Adobe Acrobat Readers makes signing official paper forms considerably easier and more efficient. In addition, the fill-in feature enables you to alter documents online without the hassle.

You may also make comments to your personal files and lock your data with a secure password, ensuring that no one else has access to your information.

2. Look for a backup of an earlier version

  1. To do so, open File Explorer by pressing the Windows key + E shortcut.
  2. Then go to the folder that contains the MPP file and open it.
  3. Select Properties from the right-click menu of the MPP file.
  4. Select the Previous Versions to tab from the drop-down menu below.
  5. If a prior file version exists, choose it.
  6. After that, hit the Restore button.
  7. In Microsoft Project, open the previous MPP file version.

Users with File History and System Restore turned on may be able to recover prior versions of MPP files.

3. Use the Project Recovery Toolbox

  1. To install Recovery Toolbox on Windows, run the installer file.
  2. Launch the Recovery Toolbox window, as seen below.
  3. To fix an MPP file, click the folder icon button.
  4. Select Analyze from the drop-down menu.
  5. To confirm, press the Yes button. The software will display a preview of the recovered output.
  6. To repair the file, select the Start recovery option.
  7. Finish by pressing the Finish button.

Recovery Toolbox for Project is a clever piece of software that can assist you in repairing corrupted files that won’t open in Microsoft Project.

The purpose of this tool, which has a user-friendly interface, is to recover data that has been lost due to hardware failure, virus assault, and other factors.

It includes an MPP viewer and a viewer for corrupted files, allowing you to visualize and study the damaged data as many times as you like.

4. Take use of Office Recovery

  1. In a browser, go to the Repair MS Project File page.
  2. Choose an MPP file to fix by clicking Choose File.
  3. Then, to repair the MPP, press the Secure Upload and Repair option.
  4. Choose the option to get the repaired file.
  5. Users can then download a demo file by clicking on its title.
  6. Select the Purchase complete recovery for $9.99 option to get a fully fixed file.
  7. Then, in Microsoft Project, open the fixed MPP.

Users may still be able to recover older MPP file versions or utilize third-party tools to repair faulty data.

The Project Repair Kit is a free online third-party software solution for restoring MPP files that does an excellent job when it comes to repairing a Microsoft Project file that won’t open.

One of the best features of this service is that you don’t have to download anything, and the repair process is completed in a matter of seconds.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions:

1. What can I do if an MS Project file is corrupted?

Open the project and save it as an XML file to fix the problem. Close and reopen the XML file, then tell Microsoft Project to create a new project from it. To be safe, save the MPP file with a slightly different name from the original.

2. Can’t get an MS Project file to open?

In a browser, go to the Repair MS Project File page. Choose an MPP file to fix by clicking Choose file. Then, to repair the MPP, press the Secure Upload and Repair option. Choose the option to get the repaired file.

3. What is the best way to open MPP files?

In Windows, you can open and edit an MPP file with Microsoft Project. Third-party software such as MOOS Project Viewer (multiplatform), OpenProj (multiplatform), and Steelray Project Viewer may also open MPP files (multiplatform).

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