How to Enable Android Nougat’s Cat-Collecting Easter Egg

How to Enable Android Nougat’s Cat-Collecting Easter Egg

Here we can see, “How to Enable Android Nougat’s Cat-Collecting Easter Egg”

Android Easter Egg

The Easter egg may be a hidden feature within the Android OS, which may be accessed by performing specific steps within the settings menu. Every Android device comes with this hidden feature. The method of unlocking this feature is usually almost like the recent version of Android. The Easter egg has been included since Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread).

You can access this feature under the Android version number in your device settings (vary from device to device). However, it’s mostly found under Settings > System > About phone. You’ll also search “Android Version” within the Settings screen. Once you discover the Android version number, tap it continuously, and therefore the Easter egg feature will be invoked.

How to access Android easter eggs: Android 11, 10, Pie, Oreo and more

With each Android remake, Google adds something of a touch game – or easter egg – hidden within the settings. With a couple of swipes and taps, you’ll find it: if you recognize how. 

The process is broadly similar on recent versions of Android, but there’s usually something to trip you up. Here’s the way to access those Easter Eggs and what to expect.

While Android 12 is out there in developer preview, there is no new easter egg for that yet. Once that’s been added, we’ll make certain to feature that one during this guide also. 

The latest, in Android 11, maybe a return to a cat game that made its introduction back with Android ‘N’ Nougat. However, the method has changed a small bit. 

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Android 11 easter egg

There are two parts to the easter egg within the latest version of Android, almost like how it has been in the past. You’ve got the method to urge you to the hidden ’11’ logo, then an extra process to urge you to a playable game. This year, we see the return of the Neko Cat that first appeared in Android Nougat. 

Follow the steps below to start with: 

  1. Open settings, then attend ‘About Phone.’ 
  2. Tap ‘Android Version’ to open up a replacement screen
  3. Now repeatedly tap on the ‘Android version’ on this screen
  4. A volume dial graphic will appear
  5. Turn the dial clockwise until it reaches its maximum
  6. Do it 3 times, and you will see a replacement ’11’ maximum appears, and a small crop-up cat emoji will appear at the rock bottom of the screen.

It is – in fact – a homage to the famous clip within the lumbar puncture mockumentary where the lead guitarist shows off his amp, which matches ‘all the thanks to 11’; ergo, it’s louder than ones that attend 10. 

Now what you would like to try is to add something called “Cat Controls” to your shortcuts within the power menu. So, press and hold the facility button to urge to the controls screen. 

  1. Tap the three dots next to ‘Home.’
  2. Choose ‘Add controls’
  3. Now find and choose ‘See other apps’ at rock bottom of the screen
  4. Choose ‘Cat controls.’ 
  5. Now tap the checkbox to pick the water bubbler, food bowl, and toy

To get to those cat controls to play the sport, you return to your power menu screen, tap on the down arrow next to ‘Home,’ and choose ‘Cat Controls’ from the menu. 

To play, you swipe across the water bubble to fill that, tap the food bowl or tap the toy, and they’ll attract a virtual cat. 

Once you’ve done that, you play the scheme, and eventually, you will get a notification to mention that a cat has arrived, complete with its cat number. 

Android 10 easter egg

Android 10’s process starts precisely the same as other Android easter eggs. Remember that Android 10 was previously called Android Q because that’s where this is often going.

  1. Head into settings > about phone > Android version.
  2. Click on the Android version to open that page, then repeatedly on “Android 10” until an enormous Android 10 logo page opens.
  3. These elements can all be dragged around the page, but if you tap on them, they rotate, press, and hold, and that they start to spin.
  4. Rotate and drag the 1 into the 0 to form the Q logo – when it’s within the right place, it’ll snap into position.
  5. Tap on the Q logo a couple of more times, and you will open the nonogram game.

A nonogram may be a game where you fill in squares on a grid supported by the guide to the side. Here you will have numbers within the side that tell you what to place where. It doesn’t quite fit the screen, so you might need to rotate your phone to ascertain both axes. You’ll then be ready to draw pictures of – await it – Android system icons. Yep, it’s no flappy bird, that’s needless to say.

Android P easter egg

The Android P easter egg is access the same way as other Android easter eggs, using steps 1 and a couple of above. That opens a brightly colored P logo. Rotating the phone a touch unlocks this, so it’ll flash and alter colors. But there is a further step for Pixel owners. If you tap on the P a couple of more times, you’ll undergo to a drawing app, so you’ll scribble some doodles. Why? Good question.

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Android O “Oreo” easter egg

Your initiative, as already mentioned, head to the settings menu, scroll down until you reach “About Phone,” tap that and find “Android version.” If you press this feature multiple times repeatedly, you will get to a screen showing the Android O logo on your wallpaper. 

Repeatedly tap the “O” a couple of times, then press and hold thereon, and you now you ought to see a black octopus onscreen. You’ll now drag the octopus around the screen, pick it up, drop it, fiddle with it. 

Android N “Nougat” easter egg

You can get to the Nougat easter egg in much an equivalent as Oreo, but the particular game is far more involved. Activate the easter egg as normal by going into your settings > about phone > Android version. Repeatedly tap on the Android Version tab until the “N” appears on the screen. 

Swipe down from the highest screen to reveal your quick settings toggles and hit “edit.” you ought to now see a cat face icon with the label, “???? Android Easter egg”. Drag and drop this icon to the quickest settings options and place it where you would like it. Now, the fun can begin. 

Hit your home button, then bear down the fast settings shade from the highest of the screen again. At this point, you ought to see an “empty plate” option. Tap it, and you will see an overlay with four food choices: Bits, Fish, Chicken, and Treat. Select one, then continue using your phone as normal, and wait. 

When it does work, you will get a notification saying “a cat is here” with the amount of the cat listed underneath. Tapping on the notification reveals a replacement screen with a cat icon which you tap once to rename or long-press to reveal sharing options. You’ll save a full-resolution version of the cat’s picture to your device or share it to all or any of your social media accounts like every other crazy cat owner. Eventually, you will get a notification telling you that a cat has snagged one among the treats. But it doesn’t always work, which is quite the purpose of the sport. You’ve got to stay trying, using different treats to bait a cat.

Android M “Marshmallow”/Android L “Lollipop” easter eggs

Before Android L was launched, a huge hit game called Flappy Bird hit the planet of mobile apps. It had been hugely popular until the developer pulled it. Still, it had been around long enough to inspire Google’s Android easter eggs.

In these two versions of the Android OS, attend settings > about the phone, and repeatedly tap on “Android version” an equivalent because of the others. Now repeatedly tap and long-press on the brand that appears. Now, a mini-game should load. The thought is to tap the screen to assist your Android Robot to avoid getting stuck on lollipops or marshmallows within the game, counting on which version of the OS you’re running.

User Questions:

  1. Is Android Easter egg a virus?

“We haven’t seen an Easter egg which may be considered as malware. Many original Android apps are modified to distribute malware by adding quite a downloader, but it’s without the user’s interaction. Easter eggs have remained harmless; Android apps – not such a lot,” said Chytrý.

  1. What is the Android Power menu?

Introduced in Android 11, the facility menu maybe thanks to quickly interacting with smart home gadgets without opening their corresponding applications. Just hold the facility button for a beat, and you will be presented with an array of interactive tiles for all the gadgets you own.

  1. Why are Easter eggs hidden?

Why can we hide eggs at Easter? In many pre-Christian societies, eggs held associations with spring and new life. Early Christians adopted these beliefs, making the egg a logo of the resurrection and, therefore, the empty shell a metaphor for Jesus’ tomb. … the lads would hide the eggs for the ladies and youngsters to seek out.

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