How to Do a Phone Number Reverse Lookup?

How to Do a Phone Number Reverse Lookup?

Here we can see “How to Do a Phone Number Reverse Lookup?”

If you’ve ever been curious about the identity of a phone number you see on Caller ID, reverse phone lookup is for you. Free reverse phone lookups and online reverse phone directories can help you learn the person’s name and address.

Reverse phone number lookup for landlines is less expensive and more convenient than reverse cell phone lookup for mobile phones.

  • Checking your phone’s Caller ID reveals that 513-***-**** was the number John Rogers tried to reach you at. Is there a 513 area code for him?
  • On your desk is a scrap of paper with only the phone number scrawled on it, with no name attached. Because it was written down fast during a phone call, you can’t remember who the number belongs to. Or throw it away and forget about it?
  • An unknown caller’s number appears on your cell phone. Whether or not to return the call is up to you.
  • A specialist is recommended by your primary care physician, who gives you the name and phone number of the specialist. It would help if you got there.
  • You see that your phone bill includes multiple calls to an unknown number. Has it been a while since you’ve called, or are they misdialed?

Reverse phone lookup can be useful in a variety of scenarios. So what’s the deal with reverse phone lookup? What is the cost of using these services? / To find out more, click on the following link.

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How to Reverse a Phone Number for Free

To get the most accurate results, start with a landline number, whether it’s for a business or a home. Before the Internet, phone companies used to issue reverse phone directories or reverse white pages, which were available to police, libraries, and other organizations.

Unlisted, fax, and mobile phone numbers were not included in these directories of businesses and dwellings. However, online auction sites like and eBay are still selling used paper reverse directories like Hill-Cross+Search Donnelly’s Reverse Phone Directory for Las Vegas and Vicinity, 2005, in some areas.

Thanks to the Internet’s speed and convenience, reverse phone number lookup became another search engine function, which put an end to paper directories. Many solutions are accessible online for free landline number reverse phone lookup. Two examples:

  • Enter the number separated by hyphens in the search area when searching for a phone number on Google or another search engine. Get results by pressing Enter. The phone owner’s name, street address, and a link to a map are all displayed in the Google Phonebook result. Some, but not all, unlisted phone numbers can be found using a search engine. You’ll see any other searches that involve the phone number below the Phonebook result. For example, a person’s or a company’s website may be found by clicking on these links.
  • Search for “reverse phone lookup” in the text box that appears. Enter, and you’ll see a list of websites that do reverse phone lookup. You can do this by going to the website and entering the phone number. The person’s name, street address, and a link to a map for driving directions are typically provided in a search engine’s results. “For more information” or “advanced search” buttons may appear on the page you’re viewing. In most cases, these are paid services that allow access to a person’s unlisted and cell phone numbers and other personal data. To use these services, you can either pay for each search individually or sign up for an annual subscription that allows you to conduct limitless searches.

The following are three of the most popular free websites:

  • There are over 37 million unique visitors to each month in North America. As of January 2008,’s database contained information on more than 180 million Americans or 80% of the population. You may also look for international phone numbers. You’ll also be able to find out the phone number holder’s age using this site. Neighbors can also get the same information. For a price, you may also learn more about the person who owns the phone.
  • Att’s and its commercial branch,, rely on local phone carriers for their data. As a result, international phone numbers can be searched, but not unlisted numbers. For a charge, the service provides a name, address, a map, and additional details. attracts an estimated 3.3 million monthly unique visitors in the United States alone, according to Quantcast.
  • Intelius-owned provides name, address, and map; more information is available for purchase. attracts an estimated 11 million unique visits from the United States each month.

Reverse phone lookup for cell phone numbers is the next step.

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Useful Resources for Reverse Phone Lookups

There are a plethora of free reverse phone lookup services for landline phone numbers, including,, and However, reverse phone lookups for cell phone numbers are not free. As mobile phones become more prevalent, the reverse phone number lookup model must be rethought.

A landline phone number is issued by an interlocking system of regional phone companies, while a single mobile phone company issues a cell phone number. That makes it more difficult to get hold of phone numbers and user information and turn it into a searchable database online. On the other hand, cell phone users value their privacy and prefer that only those they trust may contact them via their phones.

When it comes to mobile phones, some people want to be left alone. In contrast, others, particularly those who have given up landlines, are eager to use reverse phone number lookup or an online directory to locate friends and family. When they encounter an unusual phone number on their cell phone, many people want to know who it is.

Fortunately, reverse mobile phone number lookup is a simple process, albeit it is not completely free. Just type “reverse cell phone lookup” into Google or any other search engine to perform a reverse lookup. Web sites that offer this service will be listed. To find out the phone number, go to a website and enter it. You’ll have to pay either a one-time cost of $15 or a yearly fee of $40 or more to receive the phone user’s name and address. Visit a different website if the charges appear excessive. Reputable websites will not charge for searches that return no results.

It’s Intelius Inc. that does the most reverse cell phone number lookups. Known as “Cell Phone Caller ID,” Intelius makes available to the phone user information such as name and address, unlisted, VoIP (voice over Internet protocol), and business numbers for each number that is dialled into the system.

Some people think it’s a good idea to make cell phone numbers more widely available in the future, but others think it’s a violation of people’s privacy. About half of the mobile phone numbers in the United States were added to Intelius’ online directory at the beginning of 2008. In light of cell phone users’ privacy concerns and the threat of a lawsuit from a wireless phone carrier, Intelius promptly canceled the service. Online phone directories aren’t ready yet, according to a firm spokesperson.

As aggravating as it may be to receive phone calls from numbers you don’t recognize, it’s also dangerous. So if you experience them frequently, you may want to stop using your phone altogether. Using a reverse phone number lookup tool is a good approach to address the issue.

10 Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

Here are a few of the greatest free reverse phone lookup services available on the Internet nowadays. Tracking down a phone caller is as simple as entering the phone number they called you with. Free features differ, but they can all provide enough information to let you determine whether to call someone back or flag a text as spam.

1. Cocofinder

The free reverse phone lookup service offered by CocoFinder is a must-see. Please type in the caller’s phone number and let the directory do its thing to find out who’s calling.

When you enter a phone number, CocoFinder will look up potential matches for you. Finally, you’ll have a variety of reports from which you can select.

As long as the data is obtained from publicly accessible sources, it is legal. Of course, it all depends on the caller’s web footprints, so how much information you obtain will vary. If all you have is a name, don’t be surprised if you get nothing more than that. 

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2. Spokeo

Spokeo is another well-known online resource. The service has a good possibility of finding even the most obscure callers thanks to a high-quality algorithm and a large range of legitimate sources.

In addition to commercial services, Spokeo’s free insights can provide factual information such as age, residence, and family members.

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to invest; the platform can recognize a caller instantly. As a result, you and your loved ones will be protected from scams and other potentially hazardous circumstances.

3. PeopleFinders

Is there a free reverse phone lookup service? Unfortunately, it is a difficult question to answer. Even though a basic Google search is one of the most reliable techniques of identifying phone numbers, there are restrictions on what you can acquire for free on that site.

PeopleFinders, for example, is restricted to paying customers in the United States and provides all of its capabilities to them. A powerful directory regularly adds new data from public records, on the other hand.

As a result, both the free and commercial versions of its search results are equally reliable. In addition, the site’s search feature and mobile app for Android and iOS both have a lot to offer.

4. Truecaller

It’s quite convenient to trace a call right from your phone. Therefore it’s worth looking into providers that have mobile apps. We recommend Truecaller, which is one of these tools, as a top choice.

Truecaller’s desktop site does require an email and phone number to utilize. The free high-end capabilities, however, are well worth the time and effort.

If you elect to use its Android or iOS app, a free basic license includes caller ID and spam prevention. There are additional benefits for premium subscribers, like call recording, contact requests, and ad-free browsing.

False callers can still be kept at bay with Truecaller’s free tools, demonstrating its technology’s usefulness.

5. Spy Dialer

When it comes to an internet tool, Spy Dialer is an excellent option. For example, when you offer a phone number, a software program can call it and acquire information on the person who owns it from social media, public databases, and more.

Reverse phone lookups are 100% free and include the caller’s name and address as well as any other publicly and legally available information. You can also remove your personal information from Spy Dialer to prevent yourself from being probed.

There is a price to pay for more information or unlimited use of the service. It’s a good idea to know that you have those solutions available to you if the need arises.

6. CellRevealer

Try a site like CellRevealer for a more social feel. Existing satisfied users report that the service’s phone tracking features are simple but dependable, and they’re also completely free.

Scammers, spammers, and telemarketers can be reported on the platform’s notice board. As a result, you can rapidly jot down the names of people to avoid while checking your phone number.

7. Spytox

Spytox is one of the best free and legal reverse phone lookup services out there. It’s simple to use and efficient, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on who to call.

Spytox relies on its extensive directory and a wide range of reliable sources to provide the most accurate information possible. It isn’t the most powerful, but it can help you rapidly detect unknown numbers.


ZLOOKUP is an excellent tool for tracking down unknown callers because it focuses solely on that task.

Because of its simplicity, ZLOOKUP is available for free. However, cold callers may be a nightmare, and the tool’s makers are well aware of this, which is why they created it.

Enter the phone number you’d like to keep tabs on. The directory then seeks to locate a person’s name and other relevant information in its databases.

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9. Whitepages

Online directories like Whitepages and the necessity to identify unfamiliar callers aren’t new. However, it’s been around since 1997, making it one of the oldest, and it’s still well-liked.

It’s not the most eye-catching platform, but it more than makes up for that with a wealth of information. Whitepages has a massive database at its disposal, so there’s not much it can’t find.

You may learn a lot about a person just by looking up their phone number. However, the quantity of free information you can obtain is contingent upon what is made generally accessible. With premium subscriptions, you can gain additional knowledge and access to exclusive content.

10. AnyWho

Last but not least, keep an eye out for the moniker AnyWho. The most powerful elements of this search engine aren’t free, but you can still benefit from its free search function.

Speed, accuracy, and large resources are the three pillars upon which AnyWho’s value is built. Best phone number search websites have these characteristics because they make users feel secure and satisfied with the findings.

At the most basic level, if AnyWho’s customers are satisfied, you’re safe. Even though it’s just starting to get traction, the knowledge you’ll gain from this site is priceless.


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User Questions:

1. What are my options for a free reverse phone lookup?

Inquiring about a phone number can be done for free or not depending on how much information is needed and whether the number is a landline or a mobile one. Unfortunately, searching for someone’s cell phone number backward isn’t free. is one of the more reliable resources for landlines; however, not all of the data is free. Visit to learn about reverse phone number lookup and address lookup services. Other websites that offer free reverse phone number lookups for landlines include and

2. Which reverse mobile phone lookup service is the most precise?

Intelius Inc., which provides a service dubbed “Cell Phone Caller ID,” is the most accurate source of reverse cell phone number lookups. The lookup results can include the user’s name and address and any unlisted VoIP or business phone numbers. The service is free for the first seven days; after that, it costs $29.95 for 30 days.

3. Is it possible to look for a phone number on Google?

Enter the phone number in the Google search bar, separating the digits with hyphens (for example, 012-555-6789). When you press the enter key, the results will display the name and address of the phone’s owner. Expectations should be kept low, however. Incorrect or out-of-date information may display, as can phone numbers that belong solely to a single household.

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4. Reverse phone number lookups are notoriously difficult and risky to conduct.

Why is reverse phone number lookup so dodgy and difficult? from NoStupidQuestions

5. Is there a free and effective reverse phone number lookup website?

Is there a reverse phone number lookup website that actually works and is free? from AskReddit