How to Contact Facebook


Do not bother attempting to phone Facebook.

Should you dial both of these Palo Alto-area telephone numbers, you will easily find your social networking mega stage through an internet search (these are 650-543-4800 and 650-308-7300, for the album ), you are going to find a recording. It’ll talk you through a succession of menus. Every choice of that will ultimately lead one to send an email into a valid account. Included in these are for media queries and also for law enforcement issues.

But in case you reach 1 for customer services? The listing will guide you to click on the term “Assist,” stating that it is “located at the base of almost any Facebook page” Here is what: it is not. In reality, if you are in your primary Facebook feed, then there’s no “base” of the webpage. Listed below are several things that you can do.

Contact Facebook customer support

If you would like to contact Facebook, you will first have to log in to your accounts. Then appear in the upper right corner of this display. There, you will see just a tiny question mark within a dark ring. Click that, and from the dropdown menu, then choose “Report a Problem.

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The following menu will pop up, which includes four clickable choices. These are:

  • General Feedback
  • Payment Issue
  • Something Is Not Working
  • Abusive Content

If you’re reporting a hate address or an issue with your accounts, just like state trouble uploading photos, you will know where to proceed. (“Abusive Content” for your hatred, “Something Is Not Working” for your upload problem, e.g.). However, for much more general customer service queries, Facebook is quite mysterious.

You may try sending a message via the “General Feedback” connection. Still, the business makes it very clear that it will not automatically provide you with a response, saying: “Although we can not examine and react to each entry, we can utilize opinions like yours to enhance the Facebook encounter for everybody.” Your very best choice is to perform an end-run around the people from Facebook itself, and instead visit the Help Network and requesting other platform customers like yourself.

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Ask the Facebook Help Community a question

From any Facebook, webpage click the question mark at the very top of the webpage. At the peak of the dropdown menu, you will find the words “Help Center.” Click on there.

About the Help Center webpage, scroll down as much as possible. On the left, close to the base of the webpage, click on “Visit Support Community.

You’ll be taken to a webpage where plenty of queries have been answered, however, in which you could also place your query. At the top of this Assist Page is a grey box with the words “Ask a Question.”

Strike that connection. On another page, select the ideal Theme and Sub-Topic, and then sort your query. Now it is time to get a few waiting. Irrespective of where you submitted your question, you can visit a “Support Inbox” in the menu that falls in the identical question mark to find out whether anybody, make it a beneficial community member or real staffer, has opted to provide you a hand.

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Contact Facebook via other social media platforms

A different means to try to join with Facebook would be to get out to them mention them on another social networking platform. It’s possible to send a direct message to FB through Twitter or utilize their @Facebook Twitter accounts at a Tweet that you article. In case it gets enough grip, they will probably notice it.

So also could you strategy via Instagram, such as Facebook at a place, but if you don’t receive a good deal of love on such a snap, likely, you’re back at the Facebook Support Center.