How to Connect Airpods to Chromebook

How to Connect Airpods to Chromebook

How to Connect Your AirPods to Your Chromebook

Apple AirPods are traditionally intended to match just with various Apple products. But, additional devices, for example, Chromebooks, can compare with AirPods through your notebook’s Bluetooth setting.

Before linking, shut any audio or video programs in your own iPhone or other Apple devices. Becoming mid-playback while AirPods are attached to an Apple apparatus can create difficulties when pairing into some Chromebook (or some other machine).

Linking AirPods into a Chromebook entails shifting to the Bluetooth configurations. Here is the way to sync your AirPods along with your Chromebook.

  1. On the Chromebook display, choose the Menu choice. Here is the system icon in the lower-right corner of this display beside the battery percent and electronic clock. This menu shows choices for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, notifications, plus much more.
  1. Select Bluetooth and switch on the Bluetooth link when it is off. When Bluetooth is around, the Chromebook automatically hunts for wireless apparatus.
  1. Take the AirPods and charging instance conveniently, together with all the AirPods inside.
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Maintain the charging situation near to recharge on AirPods. Bluetooth connections may empty the battery of almost virtually any wireless apparatus. AirPods have approximately 5 hours of battery life, along with also the case may add up to 24 hours of additional battery life.

  1. If the AirPods do not automatically show up on the Chromebook’s Bluetooth record, press and press the Setup button to the rear of this AirPods case. The AirPods should be discovered.

Stay inside 20 ft of this Chromebook to keep the AirPods’ Bluetooth link.

  1. About the Chromebook, Visit the Bluetooth Available Devices list and Pick the AirPods. Verify any drives that appear about the Chromebook.
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After joining, the LED light in the AirPods instance turns green, along with the standing at the Chromebook Bluetooth configurations reveals as linked.

  1. The AirPods are paired with all the Chromebooks. As soon as they are paired, then you can correct the AirPods volume in the Chromebook.

How to Disconnect Apple AirPods From a Chromebook

To detach your AirPods out of your Chromebook, then switch off the Chromebook’s Bluetooth link or press and hold on the Publish button on the rear of this AirPods case.

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