How Does Amazon Wish List Work

How Does Amazon Wish List Work

Here we can see, “How Does Amazon Wish List Work”

Online purchasing includes wish lists. It’s a list of all the items a buyer wants but hasn’t bought yet. If you’re wondering what it means on Amazon or how the Amazon wish list works, this article will answer all your queries.

What is an Amazon Wish List?

Amazon’s wish list has two purposes. If you’re browsing Amazon and find something you like or need but don’t plan to buy right away, you can add it to this list. So you know it will always be there, especially if it is significant to you.

A wish list can also be used as a gift registry. When you construct a list and add things to it, you can make it public. In this manner, you may add relatives and friends to see what you want, which simplifies the gift-giving process.

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How does the Amazon Wish List Work?

In 2021, there will be 200 million paying Prime subscribers (source: This displays how many people use Amazon and know about it. If you’re one of them, you’ve probably noticed that when perusing a product, you can either buy it or add it to one of your lists. If you’re using the app, a heart icon will appear in the bottom left corner of the product, which, when clicked, will add to your wish list.

It’s a terrific way to save money on gifts for loved ones. How? Explained, it reduces the likelihood of buying something the receiver will not utilize.

A seller’s guide to Amazon’s Wish List

Sellers can use these wish lists to analyze client purchase habits. SellerApp provides a function called ‘Most Wished’ that helps sellers come up with product ideas. This function gives vendors valuable information about the most desired products and their opportunity scores. The opportunity score highlights product demand, profit margin, competition, overhead costs, and other key considerations.

Amazon Wish List Benefits & Uses for Sellers

  • Price cuts

There are price drop notifications while reading a wish list. People build lists because they aren’t ready to buy straight away. Price reduction alerts encourage buyers to buy, resulting in higher sales for sellers.

  • Products research and ideas

Amazon’s ‘Most Wished’ list helps research things to sell. By clicking on it, one may see what things are currently being searched for and bought by many shoppers. Sellers can decide what to sell by researching the products’ prices and attributes.

  • Presents

On important occasions, customers are usually looking for the best present ideas. As a vendor, you may regularly update seasonal deals and gift ideas. These will persuade shoppers to add the items to their wish lists and then to their carts, resulting in a purchase.

  • Promotion and marketing 

A seller must continually market and promote. Your marketing content might encourage your audience to share wishlist items on social media sites and groups. Contests are a terrific method to engage your target audience and undertake market research on new items as well as sell existing products.

Including Amazon wish lists in a seller’s marketing strategy helps attract new customers. This function is helpful for new sellers who want to expand and track pricing changes.

Making an Amazon Wish List

Many individuals now question if Amazon allows multiple wishlists. Yes, because Amazon does not limit the number of lists you can create. So you can build many ones for different purposes or occasions — weddings, birthdays, family members, etc.

Follow the steps below to create an Amazon wishlist.

  • First, you must be an Amazon user. Visit the official website to register.

Making wish lists is simple after your account is set up.

  • Find and click “Accounts and Lists” on the Amazon main page in the upper right corner.
  • Create a list from the drop-down menu. Give your list a name now.
  • After naming, click “Create List.”

All lists are private when established and can be changed later.

Managing an Amazon Wish List

Your wish list has numerous settings that might help you manage it. Learn how to organise an Amazon wish list.

  • On the right is a ‘More’ button. You’ll get a menu.
  • Select ‘Manage List.’
    • Now you have more possibilities.
  • You can choose the privacy of your list and set it either to
    • Your list can be set to ‘Private,’ which means only you can see it.
    • ‘Public’ implies everyone can see it.
    • ‘Shared’ indicates only certain people can see the list.
    • You can also use Alexa or Amazon Echo to manage your list.
    • It’s now up to you to decide if the list is for you or an
  • Date of birth and address is required.
  • Next, in the description box, type whatever you want the listed recipient to see to help them find it.
  • Next, specify a shipping address.
  • Finally, select ‘Don’t spoil my surprises’ or ‘Keep purchased things on the list. The former means a product will remain highlighted in the list even after purchasing. An item from the list will remain for a short time after purchase, but a warning will be provided if purchased twice.
  • After making all the changes, click ‘Save Changes.’
  • To delete a list, click the ‘Delete List’ button directly above ‘Save Changes.’

You may add to your idea list and make notes for new lists on your list dashboard.

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How to Add Items to Your Wish List 

You can add products to an Amazon wish list as you browse and find something you need or want. When you identify something you want to add, follow these steps:

  • On the product page, there is a Buy Box drop-down option on the right. On that menu, select “Add to List” towards the bottom.
  • Choose the list to add the item to if you have multiple lists.

Once items are added to a list, they can be read by anybody who has access to the list. From here, buyers can select things and purchase them as they usually would on Amazon. There are alternatives for keeping purchases private to avoid spoiling surprises. This is done by not allowing notice to the list owner.

Share Amazon Desire List

The most significant feature of an Amazon list is that it can be shared. Follow these steps:

  • Mange List from the list dashboard page.
  • Under Privacy, select ‘Shared.’
  • Now hit ‘Save Changes.’
  • After closing the list editor, select ‘Send the list to others.’
  • Then a popup with two options will appear. You can either send a ‘View Only’ or ‘View and Edit link. Those with a link can only view the list, not alter it. Those having a link can view, modify, and delete items from the list.
  • Now you can copy the URL and send it to your friends.

How to Access the Amazon Wish List

It’s easy to access your friends’ wish lists just like they can access yours by inviting individuals to participate, which helps family or friends arrange gifts for forthcoming events.

To collaborate on an Amazon wish list, follow these instructions.

  • Select the wish list you want to collaborate on from your dashboard.
  • Select the ‘Invite’ tab at the top of the list.
  • Now you can either copy the link or choose ‘Invite by email.’
  • Share the link with collaborators.

Finding Amazon Wish Lists

You may identify someone’s wish list that you need to buy a present for if their list is set to Public and then follow these procedures.

  • ‘Find a Registry or List’ is an Amazon search option. Tap it.
  • It’s now time to enter someone’s name.
  • ‘Search’
  • Click on ‘Add friend.’
  • This will then display all of that person’s public wish lists.

Amazon allows you to add pals so you can always look for someone’s wish list.

The Amazon wish list informs vendors about current trends and encourages brand interaction. It also streamlines the gifting process and reduces waste. Public want lists reveal what products people genuinely want and connect with.

User Questions

  1. How to see whether strangers bought something from your wish list

First, it relies on the privacy settings – private, shared with specific members, or Public, where anybody can read it. In either case, goods purchased from your list are removed. This also prevents repeated purchases.

2. Using Amazon Wish Lists

Only Amazon customers can utilize the wish list feature. These lists are for your personal use only. You can preserve crucial objects. You can also make your list ‘public’ or ‘private.’

3. Are Amazon wish lists private?

It is somewhat anonymous. If you buy something from a wish list, it can be mailed to any address. But the owner’s information is hidden. To protect their anonymity, the buyers will only see their name, city, and state. Your home address and other personal information will not be shown.

4. Can Amazon buyers see your address?

This is a private list. When someone buys something from you, simply your name and city appear. Buying something from your Wish List won’t reveal your complete address.

5. Why have a wish list on Amazon?

Lista. Let others know what you want.

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6. Is my Amazon wish list public?

Click More > Manage list. Select Public or Shared under Privacy. Anyone can search for and locate the list with Public, but only those with the direct connection can see it with Shared. (Private hides it.)

7. Who viewed your Amazon wish list?

No way. Look at your seller account’s Business Reports to discover how many pages views your purchased products received.

8. How to hide my Amazon wishlist name?

Open Amazon on the browser, mouse over Account & Lists, and click Wish List. Click “List settings” on the top right of this page. Click the drop-down next to your Wish List (or any list you want to alter) and select Private.

9. Can I hide my Amazon address?

Can I hide my Amazon address? Create a list on by clicking on “Accounts & Lists” in the upper right. Then give your list a descriptive name and select a Privacy option.

10. How can I get my Amazon wishlist bought?

  • Your Lists
  • Select the list and click + Invite.
  • Please select one following: Only: Anyone with a link can see your list but not edit it.
  • Copy the URL or select Email Invite.

11. Why do people wishlist?

Wishlists are a great way to let people know what you want for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions. Your list can be shared with family and friends, and as goods are bought, they can be crossed off to minimize duplication.

12. Do purchases remove items from Amazon wish lists?

You won’t get duplicate gifts since once someone buys something from your wish list, it vanishes.

13. Can Amazon wishlist scams happen?

Scammers can access public websites and wish lists. A fake website impersonating Amazon or an online wish list company is then created. If you check in to confirm the mailing address, the scammers will inform you someone has bought an item on your list.


I hope this information was helpful. If you have anything to add, please do so in the comments.