Here’s how SiriusXM subscribers may obtain free Apple Music

Here's how SiriusXM subscribers may obtain free Apple Music

SiriusXM has unveiled a new Apple Music offer. SiriusXM is best known for its satellite radio service. Customers who sign up for SiriusXM’s Platinum VIP plan will receive a year of Apple Music access for free, in addition to the package’s other benefits, which include satellite radio service in two vehicles and two SXM App logins.

Even though satellite radio is still available, most consumers have moved away from it in favour of streaming music via their cellphones. SiriusXM has responded to the market’s change by introducing its app-based streaming service and acquiring Pandora in 2018 to expand its business beyond satellite radio.

The company’s Platinum VIP package is aimed at households with several users who require satellite radio and app-based streaming. In addition to music, this subscription offers access to podcasts, news, discussion shows, and a unique comedy collection from the SiriusXM platform.

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The service has some advantages over competing alternatives for consumers who love listening to more than just music, particularly sports fans. The Platinum VIP subscription covers all major sports games, which includes sports chat, game analysis, and play-by-play commentary. The package also provides video access to both Howard Stern’s exclusive channels.

SiriusXM said today that it is now giving 12 months of Apple Music for free as a promotion on its Platinum VIP plan. Apple’s streaming service usually costs $9.99 per month, so this deal is worth about $120 to the customer.

Though SiriusXM’s app offers music streaming, there are several compelling reasons to use Apple Music instead, particularly for its hosted global live streams and original shows. The Apple Music promotion joins SiriusXM’s Platinum VIP plan’s other bonuses, including 12 months of Discovery+ access to Stitcher Premium podcasts and’s live audio and video concert recordings.

Aside from this new offering, SiriusXM announced plans to provide Apple Music for free for six months with “qualifying” subscribers, though it didn’t specify which plan would be eligible. However, the business stated that it hopes to launch this new offer in early 2022.

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Keep in mind that a compatible radio is required to listen to content from SiriusXM’s satellite radio service. Many contemporary vehicles have satellite radio, which can be identified by looking for an “SAT” button or a small label indicating SiriusXM compatibility.

Consumers can also buy a new audio receiver or head unit that integrates satellite functionality. However, this alternative may be costly, especially if specialists upgrade. In this instance, it may be more cost-effective to listen to music streamed from one’s phone over Bluetooth or a 3.5mm audio connection.

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