Halo’s Master Chief Painted Onto Xbox Series X In Custom Design

Halo's Master Chief Painted Onto Xbox Series X In Custom Design

A Halo fan recently displayed their creatively customized Xbox Series X, which features Master Chief standing on a pedestal in front of a galaxy sky.

A Halo fan and Xbox Series X owner recently showcased their custom-designed console, which contains a painted picture of Master Chief standing in front of a large galaxy sky. The scenario appears to include aspects from the upcoming Halo Infinite, which has its line of Halo-Infinite-themed Xbox Series X consoles available for pre-order at GameStop.

Although Halo Infinite has yet to be launched, there is currently self-branded stuff available in addition to Xbox Series X consoles. For example, Kellogg’s and Microsoft collaborated on a Halo Infinite Pringles giveaway, which featured Double XP if customers posted a receipt to Kellogg Family Rewards. In a similar spirit, Master Chief was featured on various Rockstar Energy drinks cans earlier this month. Five different artists did each graphic depiction, and each can contain in-game codes for additional bonuses. However, thanks to the talents of creative Halo enthusiasts, Master Chief’s visage has emerged on different mediums.

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Pryzm 12 showed off his painted Xbox Series X in a recent Reddit post. Master Chief is seen facing an open galactic sky while standing on an aircraft platform, which was hand airbrushed and coated with tinted ink. The position of Master Chief is identical to the alternate edition of Halo Infinite’s box art. On the other hand, the official box image depicts Master Chief staring out across mountains and forest regions rather than a galaxy. Given Halo’s cosmic elements, Pryzm 12’s Xbox Series X custom design should go in the direction of galaxy landscape.

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The official Halo Infinite edition Xbox Series Xs were the idea for Pryzm 12’s work, he said to other curious Reddit users. One user said, “We painted this one after missing out on the special [Halo] edition! I’m delighted with how it turned out.” Pryzm 12 also noted that the project took them about 50 hours to finish and that they “always try [and] challenge me artwork-wise, so I’m thrilled it’s paying off!”

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Halo Infinite Xbox Series X version is more visually gorgeous than Microsoft’s Halo Infinite Xbox Series X. Not only does Pryzm 12’s masterpiece include vibrant features like colors, scenery, and Master Chief himself, but their attention to detail makes the painting feel like it was taken straight from a Halo game. This unique design may provide Microsoft with some artistic inspiration in the future.

On December 8, 2021, Halo Infinite will be released on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Source: Pryzm_12/Reddit