Halo Infinite Gets An Emotional Live-Action Trailer In Advance Of Its Release

Halo Infinite Gets An Emotional Live-Action Trailer In Advance Of Its Release

A new Halo Infinite teaser has been posted online, showing how ordinary people risk their lives to aid Master Chief.

A new Halo Infinite live-action clip has just been published, and it offers a sobering look at the everyday labourers who assist the Master Chief in his never-ending quest to rescue the galaxy. After a lengthy and problematic development cycle, developer 343 Industries is ramping up anticipation for the newest edition in Microsoft’s long-running and immensely popular sci-fi FPS genre, which is finally slated to premiere next month.

From the large-scale CGI combat of Halo Wars’ debut teaser to a veiled Master Chief traversing a desolate terrain during the Halo 5: Guardians launch trailer at E3 2013, the Halo franchise has always ushered in new chapters with spectacular marketing trailers. This tradition continues with Halo Infinite, with a new TV promo giving fans a closer look at one of the game’s main antagonists: the burly Banished commander Escharum. Now, 343 Industries is bringing attention to the opposite side of the fight by showcasing some of the unidentified UNSC officers who are risking their lives to help safeguard mankind.

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The official Halo Twitter account released a new live-action clip to promote Halo Infinite yesterday. On a foreign world, a gang of UNSC miners is hard at work digging for a critical component of Master Chief’s famed Mjolnir armour when their site is assaulted. The employees, stuck in a collapsed mine and facing the potential that this trip may be their last, begin to sing and dig slowly and bitterly. However, a light eventually bursts through the clouds above them, suggesting that help is on the way. The video closes with a phrase scratched into the cavern wall by one of the workers: “From The Soil To The Stars.”

As previously stated, Halo Infinite had had a protracted development cycle, with 343 Industries notably delaying the game’s scheduled release as an Xbox Series X launch title last November owing to the game’s bad reaction when its gameplay was originally shown off in the summer of 2020. However, since then, Halo Infinite has progressively won over fans due to several multiplayer beta testing early this year. More recent speculations claim that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will be published in its entirety ahead of the main game’s release on November 15 to commemorate the Halo franchise’s 20th anniversary.

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The latest live-action video for Halo Infinite is a dramatic one, offering a sobering look at the UNSC’s lesser-known members and the various risks and sacrifices they must make to assist Spartans like Master Chief in their fights against the Covenant and the Banished. When Halo Infinite hits early next month, players will be able to play a part, with Master Chief returning to the battlefield and putting the armour that those miners devoted their lives to help construct to good use.

On December 8, Halo Infinite will be released on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Source: Halo/Twitter