H1z1: King of the Kill Issues: Games Won’t Start, Low Fps, and More

H1z1: King of the Kill Issues: Games Won’t Start, Low Fps, and More

Here we can see, “H1z1: King of the Kill Issues: Games Won’t Start, Low Fps, and More”

One of those games, H1Z1: King of the Kill, draws you in after an hour with its varied gameplay. This is one of the most intriguing multiplayer games available right now, with tense PvP and a tactical approach. But unfortunately, the game is unfinished and frequently unplayable because it is still in the early access phase. In addition, due to conflicting viewpoints, a fantastic idea becomes unimpressive.

To give you an idea of what to expect from the game at this point, we searched the internet for its known flaws for that reason. We sincerely hope this will aid in your decision-making on whether it is cost-effective. Additionally, if appropriate solutions are available, we will offer them. Therefore, you might learn something new even if you’ve already joined in on this multiplayer experience.

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H1Z1: King of the Kills known issues and how to solve them

Game won’t start

Numerous reports of H1Z1 are not starting to convince us that there is a problem with its optimization. A user from the Steam community forum explained his issue as follows:

”I just bought the game, and when I click play the little grey box that says “preparing to run” pops up for like 1/10th of a second and then nothing happens. It doesn’t appear to be running in my Task manager either. Clicking the Desktop short cut doesn’t do anything either, and running the launch pad just tells me that it MUST be started from steam. I already re-installed twice and checked the integrety 3 times.”

The integrity check and reinstallation should fix our original assumption that certain files are incomplete or corrupt. So, what should you do in this circumstance? You might try the following alternatives to address this problem:

    • Verify that your system satisfies the minimum requirements.
      • Windows 8.1, 7, 8, and 10 (64-bit only)
      • Intel i5 Quad-Core processor
      • RAM memory: 6 GB
      • nVidia GeForce GTX 280 series graphics card or better
      • Version 10 of DirectX
      • Internet connection using a broadband network
      • 20 GB of storage are available.
      • Sound Card: Sound Card for DirectX
    • Make a firewall exception or turn off your firewall for a while.
    • Play the game in Administrator mode.
    • Play the game in Windows 7 compatibility mode. To do this, right-click the game’s icon, select LaunchPad.exe, and then click Properties. Set Windows 7 compatibility mode under the Compatibility tab and try again.
    • Run sfc/scannow from the Command Prompt to repair any potential system file corruption.
    • GPU driver updates.

Low FPS and lags

After starting the game and overcoming any initial difficulties, there’s a risk that you’ll run into performance problems. Despite running the game on strong hardware, some gamers complain of a lot of FPS difficulties and lag, like this user on the Steam discussion forum:

‘I have been playing a lot of AAA titles smoothly. Eg. Fallout4, Dying Light…And when I play this game, I’m struggling to reach 30fps in 720p. I’m able to reach 40 by turning down/off everything. This fps is gonna drag me down in intense pvp. Is it an optimization problem or sth? My graphics drivers are up to date.
Specs: i5 4210u

You can change the following things to enhance your overall experience and lessen lag while keeping playable FPS levels:

    • Once more, be sure to adhere to the system specifications. The game may become unusable entirely or with only the tiniest setting flaw.
    • The drivers for your GPU. Where to locate qualified drivers is listed here:
    • Run the game on the dedicated GPU rather than the integrated one if your laptop has dual GPUs. The Catalyst/NVIDIA Control Panel allows you to configure that.
    • Reduce the overall graphical quality. To lower the graphics quality while still in the game, hit Escape, open Settings, and select the Graphics tab.
    • Reduce the resolution of the game. To increase FPS and decrease lag, go to Settings > Graphics and decrease the resolution.
    • Reduce the rendering distance. You should be able to somewhat enhance FPS by turning off this function. Render distance should be set to Low under Settings’ Graphics tab.

Connection Issues

Connection problems are distinct issues. A reliable connection is essential for playing any online game. Your bandwidth might not be the most important consideration, though, if the game isn’t exactly the best-optimized title ever. However, we have several actions you can take to lessen connection problems. The portion you can change, at least.

    • Switch to a cable connection from Wi-Fi.
    • Your router, restart it.
    • While playing, turn off your firewall.
    • Examine your ports. You should examine the following ports: UDP-20040 through UDP-20199, UDP-5062, HTTP (TCP-80), HTTPS (TCP-443)
    • Verify your PING.
    • Verify that the servers are running.

Keybindings won’t save

Keybindings are causing problems for some users. The game restores the default keybindings rather than the user-defined ones upon each new start. One participant in a Steam discussion thread stated the following:

‘everytime i start up my game all the keybindings are set back to default its extremely annoying does anyone know a quick fix for it?”

With just a few simple steps, this issue can be resolved quickly. Here’s how to stop the game from wiping out your previously set keybindings:

    1. Launch the Steam application.
    2. Go to H1Z1: King of the Kills, then, with the right-click, select Properties.
    3. Select the Local Files tab.
    4. Then, simply select Browse Local Files.
    5. Find the useroptions.ini file in the game installation folder.
    6. Right-click the file and select Properties.
    7. Locate Attributes under the General tab and uncheck the read-only box.
    8. Click OK to restart the key binding configuration process.

You should now be able to utilize custom keys in the game, as this should fix the problem.

‘G’ Errors

After an upgrade, the infamous “G” faults become more prevalent. Specifically, your game may have performed as intended before the update, but occasionally after the most recent patch, you get a G15 or G29 error and everything freezes. There appear to be numerous potential answers, but we cannot promise they will succeed. The complete list of known issues and potential solutions are shown below:

    • ‘G1 Error

The hard drive does not have enough room to install H1Z1.

    • G2 Error

Update your video card drivers. 

    • G3 Error

There might not be enough video cards. In addition, a new video card might be required if upgrading the video card drivers is unsuccessful. 

    • G4 & G5 Errors

Please try again later; the servers are not accessible at the moment.

    • G7 Error

Multiple factors may be at blame for this inaccuracy.

      • Verify the disk space. Clear some space till there are at least 20GB left.
      • Reinstall the game after uninstalling it. Any corrupted files that can prevent the game from functioning can be fixed with a reinstall.
    • G8 Error

The game file is damaged. Reinstall the game after uninstalling it.

    • G9 Error

Open the LaunchPad again and log back in after closing the game and LaunchPad. A complete uninstall and reinstall of the game may be necessary if the error keeps happening.Additionally, you might want to check the firewall settings

    • G10 Error

Your game’s files might have become corrupted in one or more places. Launch the H1Z1 LaunchPad, login, but don’t hit the play button. Choose the option to open the game directory after clicking the Advanced Tools icon (which resembles a gear) in the lower left. Find and remove the following files from the window or folder that appears:

    • H1Z1.exe
    • UserOptions.ini
    • SoundSettings.xml
    • LoadingScreen.xml
    • InputProfile User.xml
    • vivoxoal x64.dll
    • vivoxsdk x64.dll

After deleting these files, close the H1Z1 window or folder, then check your game files using the Steam client.

    • G11 & G12 Errors

These error codes result from a general error brought on by a crash linked to the visuals or the user interface. If the problem continues, check to see if your graphics drivers are current and that your machine satisfies H1Z1’s minimal system requirements. Reinstalling your graphics driver may be necessary for some circumstances to fix this problem.

    • G13 Error

Update your video card drivers.

    • G14 Error

The game servers are currently experiencing a problem. Please give it some time and then try again.

    • G15 Error

H1Z1 cannot be launched because of a firewall or virus scanner. Configure any firewalls and antivirus software to let H1Z1 (specifically launchpad.exe and h1z1.exe). Here are the procedures to take to let the game disable your security software.

    • G16 Error

Your Netgear router’s firmware either has a flaw in it or is out of date.

    • G17 Error

Your computer’s video card is malfunctioning. Retry after updating the drivers.

    • G18 Error

The loading of your character failed. Please sign out and re-login.

    • G19 & G20 Errors

It seems like your computer’s video memory is full. Utilize the in-game options menu to reduce the game’s visual settings (shadows, textures, graphics quality, etc.).

    • G21 Error

There are some corrupted files. Reinstall the game after uninstalling it.

    • G22 Error

H1Z1 cannot find certain files needed to play. Log out then log in again. If this doesn’t work, uninstall and reinstall the game.

    • G23 Error

When downloading the required files, there was a connection problem. Attempt logging out and logging back in again, or try removing and reinstalling the game.

    • G24 Error

The video for the game had trouble starting. Visit the manufacturer’s website to update your video card drivers. A new video card might be necessary if it doesn’t work. 

    • G25 Error

Your visual card may not meet the minimal requirements for H1Z1 since it had problems initializing.

Visit the manufacturer’s website to update your video card drivers. A new video card might be necessary if it doesn’t work. 

    • G26 & G27 Errors

Your game client needs to be patched since it is out of date. Re-patch the game (for early access, this will require patching through Steam.)

    • G28 Error

(It’s not you, it’s us.) The login servers are down.

Try one more later. Also available here is a server status checker.

Advice: If every server has a very low population, it’s possible that they’ve just started or that they’re still locked (In the testing mode for Daybreak Games quality testing employees only.)

    • G29 Error

On this Daybreak Account, you don’t have access to H1Z1. For further details, go here.Typically brought about by Steam network problems. Try again or check for service updates.

    • G30 Error

A session ID from the server was not sent to the client. These mistakes shouldn’t be repeated and are typically one-off situations. Just shut down the client and start it up again.

    • G31 Error

We apologize, but at this time, we cannot reach Steam. Additionally, make sure to start H1Z1 using the Steam client.

  • This is most likely a timeout between Steam and us to validate your features if you are starting H1Z1 through the Steam client. Most of the time, simply retrying in a few seconds fixes the problem.
  • Additionally, you might wish to look for maintenance (Steam and H1Z1 specific.)
    • G32 Error

We’re sorry, but it appears that you are attempting to play the game with a Daybreak Account other than the one you used to purchase Early Access.

  • Either the wrong Steam account or the wrong Daybreak account has you logged in.
  • If you’re unsure how to recover other Daybreak Accounts, check HERE for assistance.
    • G33 Error

Your game’s files might have become corrupted in one or more places. Please use the Steam client to verify the game assets. Do you require assistance validating assets? Click this

    • G37 Error

The connection to the Login server is not working properly. Please wait a few seconds before attempting to log in again, as it might be down for maintenance. Even though this is the most frequent reason, a few more are not related to the server end of things. To solve the issue, kindly attempt these troubleshooting procedures.

    • G99 Error

Connecting to the login server is problematic. The login server might be unavailable due to maintenance. Please give it another go later. Check the forums for announcements regarding anticipated downtimes and planned server shutdowns.

Check your game files from the LaunchPad for errors, and ensure that H1Z1.exe and launchpad.exe are configured as exceptions in your firewall/antivirus software if there is no indication of a server shutdown (s). Running through these procedures will establish that the issue is not on your end, even though the login server may still be taken down without warning.

    • G202 Error

Your game has entered an unusual condition. One of the following is the reason for this:

  • Your game’s files might have become corrupted in one or more places. Verify your Steam files, please.
  • There are problems with your connectivity. This issue may be brought on by a poor connection, significant lag spikes, or persistent packet loss. Please check for problems with your connection.
  • Run no third-party programs intended to change the game client, and do not disable or alter any game client files.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

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