GPS Tracking Device For Company Vehicles

GPS Tracking Device For Company Vehicles

Here we can see, “GPS Tracking Device For Company Vehicles”

5 Best GPS Trackers For Small Fleets

The world loves to discuss telecommuting, working at home, and the office.

Fleet managers, nevertheless, have handled workers in cellular offices–on brakes –for a long time. Before calling or texting Google Hangouts were around, fleet supervisors sent off their drivers America’s interstates, expecting them to handle about 40 tons of cargo engine.

Fortunately, fleet management applications have helped create trucks–these first mobile offices–much better integrated, better tracked, and much more connected to some general fleet mission. That link, however, is determined by the capacity to keep track of your vehicles via GPS.

Below are five good GPS trackers you can use to keep a watch out for your fleet, best handle your motorists, and make America’s streets your workplace.

1. SpyTec STI GL 300 mini Portable

Though the SpyTec GL 300 is small enough to be concealed, at two inches per tracker, I would not advise using this, provided many motorists’ understanding of GPS trackers. There is a feeling among many motorists which trackers are a “Big Brother” tech. Consequently, if you go for a readily hidden tracker, be sure drivers know you are installing it.

Should you have a circumstance in which you have to monitor a motorist covertly, but the GL 300 is a great option. It does not have to get plugged, and its two-week battery life ought to keep it moving for a while.

The GL 300 additionally has geofencing capacities, which means you’re able to understand when a driver moves in or from a particular “fenced-off” place. You might even place up the tracker to send email or text notifications to you when a motorist enters the site. The monitoring is almost real-time, so if you are worried about a specific driver’s excursion, you will receive timely info. You could even track your drivers using SpyTec’s programs: Track Pro 2.0 for both Android apparatus and SpyTec GPS if you have obtained an iPhone.

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The GL 300 sells for approximately $70 on their site and even $50 on Amazon.

2. Aspenta’s Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker

Aspen’s Vectu tracker is still just yet another fantastic GPS alternative. As the GL 300 is just about the size of a driver’s permit or an early 2000’s reverse phone. Also, enjoy the GL 300; you may set this up to ship you push notifications or SMS messages when a car leaves a particular place (geofencing’s a pretty fantastic thing…). You can also get a perspective of where your vehicles have been online or using the myAspenta program on either Android or iPhone.

The Vectu can find to over 16 feet of wherever your car is. Additionally, it updates each moment so that it is pretty near real-time. In case you’ve got several managers monitoring your vehicles, then the Vectu may send alarms to around four phones.

The Vectu sells for $49.99 on the seller’s website; also, you can locate it from third-party sellers for anywhere from $80-90. Heads up, you will also obtain a subscription program from Aspen. Plans are $15 per year, approximately even $50 annual.

3. MasTrack MT-OBD Live Vehicle Tracker

Even the MT-OBD Live Vehicle Tracker understands that the “live” by the simple fact that it upgrades you on a car’s place in near-real-time style. And it is not just fast with all the updates (once a second ); it’s also fast to set up: plug it in the OBD (on-board diagnostics) jack at a car, and you are all set. Similar to what the other trackers said, it’s geofencing, which means you’re able to understand when your drivers access specific locations.

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Even the MT-OBD tracker is powered by your car or truck, so there is no concern about battery life. Additionally, you won’t need to be concerned about regular check-ins since you may prepare the MT-OBD to inform you about speeding, idling, or any time the vehicle works. You will find Android and iPhone programs readily available, so if you’ve got a phone, you have a lawyer as a means to observe your fleet.

The apparatus retails for approximately $80. A simple subscription package is 187 a calendar year, along with the premium bundle is $249.

4. Optimus Real Time GPS Tracker

Reviewers say great stuff about the Optimus Real-Time GPS Tracker’s battery life– most likely since this tracker includes a standby attribute. If the movement sensor at the Optimus GPS Tracker notices you are not moving, then it will enter standby, conserving electricity for those days when you require it to get the job done. The standby helps the Optimus remain on continuously. Even in case, the Optimus is not plugged in, and it remains on.

The Optimus includes lots of the very exact attributes as other trackers with this listing, such as iPhone and Android programs, text, and email alarms, along with geofencing to determine whether a driver has abandoned or input a particular location. Unlike many other people on this listing, Optimus uses both GPS and mobile phone towers for monitoring. Again, testimonials are often delighted with how frequently Optimus understands the place right, noting it may pinpoint a tracker inside a 25-foot radius.

The Optimus sells for approximately $60, and there is a $20 monthly service charge.

5. Geotab GO7

Geotab, manufacturers of this fleet management program application of the identical title, make GPS trackers. As the MasTrack MT-OBD, it sticks to the OBD interface of a Motor Vehicle. If your car or truck lacks an OBD jack, but you can purchase an adapter to be sure that the GO7 still may get you info about where your resources are.

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Even the GO7 is a comprehensive piece of electronic equipment, monitoring rate, idling, and geofencing and keeping tabs on different metrics such as mileage and seatbelt usage. Additionally, the GO7 can’t just detect injuries from the overachiever class but in-vehicle reverse osmosis. If a motorist bumps into something funding up, you will have advice on this, also. If you are worried about regulatory problems, the GO7 may also assist you with hours of service regulations, in addition to DVIR inspections.

The GO7 includes an estimated retail price of 99.

GPS Trackers: Do they work for you?

Has your little fleet utilized any of those GPS trackers mentioned previously or some other GPS trackers? Can you adhere to clever phones or use OBD port apparatus or other GPS hardware? Allow me to know in the comments below!

What are the potential benefits of vehicle tracking?

Employing a car monitoring system might help improve business productivity, sustainability, security, and protection, making it a favorite option for fleets of all sizes.

With automobile tracking, companies have generally experienced:

  • Decreased parental vehicle usage and fuel prices
  • Better handled payroll expenses
  • Easily arranged, controlled, and optimized course stops (tasks, deliveries, etc..)
  • Greater visibility to back-office dispatchers
  • Improved automobile security (or retrieval of stolen vehicles)
  • Automated reporting of engine hours, forcing hours (ELD) or period in work Website

Since a car tracking system provides more than just fundamental GPS location information, the total benefits might differ based on your company’s demands.