GoPro Relaunches Quik as a Photo and Video Editor for Everyone

GoPro Relaunches Quik as a Photo and Video Editor for Everyone

The GoPro remote management program has embraced this organization’s editing plan’s characteristics to turn into your GoPro’s one-stop store (GoPro Relaunches Quik as a Photo and Video Editor for Everyone).

Can not locate the GoPro program on your mobile cell phone? That is because it has been rebranded as Quik. Do not worry, and the program still functions you to link to and control your GoPro cameras–that there are only a couple of new features.

GoPro Merges Its Two Apps Into One

GoPro is releasing its principal smartphone program (that functions as a virtual viewfinder and remote controller to GoPro cameras) using the qualities of its video auto-editing program Quik. It is known as –GoPro Quik.

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The most apparent change is the inclusion of Murals, and it will be a feed that lets you arrange your pictures and videos and edit them collectively. Quik also has a boundless initial excellent cloud backup of all you post.

Employing the in-app editor, you may add in royalty-free songs and accelerate or slow down movie footage at unique points. Additionally, it is possible to purchase additional filters and themes if there is nothing one of the free choices that are appealing to you.

Download: GoPro Quik to get iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases accessible )

The program is free to obtain, but you will need to pay $1.99/month or even less $9.99annually to get more than only the fundamental camera link attribute. In other words, if you don’t already cover GoPro’s Plus subscription support.

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Can you find GoPro merchandise a bit too costly? Please have a look at our listing of the ideal GoPro options for restricted budgets.

Edit Your Photos and Videos With GoPro Quik

Formerly, GoPro published Quik as a separate download from the primary GoPro program in 2016. The older Quik list has been eliminated from the App Store and the Play Store since it is no longer being encouraged.

It is a win-win scenario: if you regularly use the GoPro program, it only got better. If you enjoyed the Quik attributes, they are still about –just in a brand new bundle.